3 Real Estate Photography Tips for Shooting Exteriors

We are visual creatures. Whether we are browsing the web for a T-shirt or searching a home, your judgment depends upon the photos shared with the listing. The strong first impression created by real estate photography is a valuable tool. Clicking an exceptional image of the exteriors can help you sell a home faster and at a higher price. These ‘hero’ shots have the power to either make or break the deal with the potential buyers. In real estate, you don’t have a second chance to make the first impression. So, utilize it by clicking snaps which piques the interest of the target audience.

Here are a few tips for shooting the exteriors of a property.

1) Know what looks perfect

Start by researching what types of photos of the exterior will attract the potential buyers. Search online for photos shared by other agents to understand what works with the audience. Try to know how to set your camera at the perfect place to get the best shot of the exterior. Top quality images of the outside of the property are vital for the success of your real estate business. Before, clicking photos, ensure that space is ready for taking photographs. Think about real estate photography in this way: Do you wear messy clothes before taking a portrait? No right! The same applies when taking the photos of the exterior of your listing.

2) Consider the position of the sun

Think about the position of the house and the time of day you choose to shoot the exterior images of the property. Consider the time when the sun is striking the house correctly from all angles. Furthermore, avoid shooting at noon because the sun is directly above, which creates dark shadows on the exterior of the home. The best shots are taken when the sunlight is at the softest.  An overcast sky works wonders because it acts as a giant diffuser by providing the right quantity of light and it dissipates the shadows.  Furthermore, dusk or evening shots are great to capture the essence of the property. Switch on all the interior and exterior light in the dusk. It will enable you to show off the house at different times of the day. 

3) Capture the intricate details

As a real estate agent, you don’t want to skip the unique selling points of the house. If the outside of the house comprises of a pool, mind-blowing architecture, a deck or a beautiful garden, you will want to include it in the photos. These intricate details will help in selling the house faster and will lead to more business in the future. Furthermore, beware of any glares you get from the window that might spoil the real estate photography.

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Today, real estate photography is the doorway to closed transactions. Realistic, beautiful and outstanding images generate a positive impression on the home buyers. At the end of the day, if your pictures help in selling the homes faster, you’re likely to receive more business from clients in the future.

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