Verify your parts with 3D inspection services.

Our 3D inspection services can assist you with quality control in manufacturing, assuring that your parts meet the required specifications before reaching the customer. We can provide a variety of inspection types based on how a part will be used. We provide dimensional/positional inspection using 3d scanning or touch probe.

Inspection is a comparison of a set of ideal or required measurements (reference) to a corresponding set of measurements from the part to be inspected (test). The inspection tools must provide accuracy equal to or greater than the smallest expected or meaningful difference.

The reference data may come in the form of a table, with values at specific points or features, a cad model, or 3d scan. 3D inspection services may require datum measurements, where the part to be inspected is located in a fixture that is specifically designed to orient the part by an ordered method. In some cases, the part may have features that are designed specifically to be referenced by datums, if no functional feature of the part provides a clear reference.

The CMM arm with a laser scanner or touch probe is used to accurately capture the geometry of the part to be inspected. Inspection software is then used to generate measurements from corresponding points or features, or for an entire surface. The results can be in tabular form or a deviation image, depending on the requirement.

How accurate are our 3D inspection services?
Typically we are able to inspect tolerances of .003″ or better for tabletop sized parts.

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