3D Laser Scanning City Trees

3D laser scanning services gives Best of Both Worlds

Where would you like to live?  Do you prefer the cramped noisy cities where you not only have to drink bottled water but maybe even breathe bottled air? Many people choose it not because they like to suffer health issues, but because of the work and conveniences found in the city.  Maybe you are not that kind of person. Maybe you prefer to get away from the honking busses. You would rather hear some wild coyotes rather than the neighbors radio and a dog yap. You would rather hear the bristling rush of a cool brook instead of a stream of cop cars chasing a getaway van. These are modes of life that sit at extreme opposites. The truth is, though, that most would chose the peacefulness of nature, but we are forced to live in the city.  It is for this reason that we try to make our cities as natural looking as possible. To do this, some cities are utilizing technology employed 3D laser scanning services.

A Task that Need 3D Laser Scanning

Making a city look like a nature scene is not an easy task. Building, roads, cars, and everything else are impossible to hide. The goal though is to make it look as natural as possible. To do this they add lots and lots of trees and bushes. Trees are what gives a city a natural beauty. To help cities know what type of tree grows best in certain locations, cities are looking to employ 3D laser scanning services to help. Trees grow easily outside of the city. There are no roads or sidewalks to obstruct growth. There are no foundations being dug that cut off tree roots. In the wild trees are free. It is not that way in the city though. In the city trees don’t grow the same. This is where 3D laser scanning is helping. Using 3D laser scanning technology, scientists can gather tree data that can be analyzed to should how well trees grow in certain parts of the city. They can be more strategic in knowing what trees to plant and where to plant them using this data.

study the Trees with 3D laser scanning services

The workings of 3D laser scanning is pretty simple. A 3D laser scanning works by measuring distance. Distance can be measured using a laser that reflects off of the surface of the tree. We aren’t just talking about a rough picture of the tree either. These 3D laser scanners can collect data in super fine detail. They can scan down to every tiny branch. Each distance reading is recorded as a point. Those points form what is called the point cloud when they are all combined. The scientists can analyze the growth patterns of trees all around the city to determine how well they growth in certain environments from these scans. The conclusion that they draw help them be more strategic in planting trees around the city.

I am sure that if we could, we would all move out into the fresh air of the country.  That, unfortunately is not going to happen. One thing that we can be thankful of though is that there are people who are working to make our city life as enjoyable as possible. To do it they are using 3D laser scanning services.

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