3D Laser Scanning for Fishermen

combine work and play with 3d laser scanning

When I was growing up, work was work, fishing was fishing. After school my dad would take us down to the dam to see what we would catch. He would load up the tackle boxes with the fly poles and fishing rods, and we would all pile in the old beat up pick-up. As soon as we got there, dad would start rigging us up with a rod. Most of the time we would just use a bobber, sinker, and a worm. That was the easiest way. We could goof around while dad kept watch for us. Some days were good, but some days were just for baking in the sun. Either way, we enjoyed it. At the end of the day, we would go home and get ready for another day of school, and dad would go back to work. I always wished for the day that work and play could be combined together. If you are working in 3D laser scanning services, then work and play may be the same thing.

3D laser scanning helps you think like the fish

“You have to think like the fish.” That’s what the old fisherman used to tell me. I have never really figured out how to think like a fish. What do they think about? Anyways, I always took it to mean that we need to use the right bait and throw it in the right spot at the right time of day. It seemed like most of the time I wasn’t thinking like a fish. Something was always wrong. We were usually dependent on dad to figure out what the fish wanted to eat. He would open up his box of lures and carefully select another one. Sometimes it took a few tries to figure it out. Sometimes we had to look over at our neighbors to try and figure out what they were catching them on. Sometimes the trout would be hitting the top of the water all around us and we still couldn’t get a bite. One of the tricks is to make bait that just like the real thing. Now 3D laser scanning is taking a little time off for fishing by making bait that looks like the real deal.

It's all in the look.

3D laser scanned and printed lures are now a new thing in the boat. It starts with a scan of the real bug. A 3D laser scanner uses a laser and a sensor to capture the exact shape of an object. In this case the object would be an insect or even a small fish. Interestingly, some fish even like to bite lures that look like a miniatures of themselves. I’m not sure how to explain that. Other lures may look like worms. A company called Savage Gear makes a lure that is an exact replica of a baby snake. Not only does it look like a snake but it even moves through the water in the same way. I think we might just catch a fish thanks to 3D laser scanning services.

There is no need to hold on to the idea that work and relaxation can’t be combined. 3D scanning services blew that idea out of the water.

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