3D Laser Scanning Helping Professional Football Players

Injury lessened with 3D laser scanning services

The life of a professional football player looks glamorous to a lot of people. They make an average of about $2,000,000. That is a lot of money. They can buy whatever they want. They get to sign autographs and drive snazzy cars. Sounds great, huh? We you might want know a little more before you give me your answer. To start you should know that professional football players have to do about 4+ hours of exercise a day. That’s not just walking the treadmill, either. That is hard, on the field training. One of the worst things is that they have to get their head beat around on the field. Many have concussions because of this. This might explain why professional football players live an average lifespan of about 53 years. I guess the life of a football player is not so easy. This is why 3D laser scanning services is going to work to try to lessen the injury to these players heads.

3D Laser scanning makes a better helmet

Despite the danger, the game will go on. People love to play and watch it too much to give it up. The best we can do is work hard to find ways to make it safer. The idea is to make a better helmet for these players using 3D laser scanning services. Helmets, of course, have come a long way since professional football started. The old pictures show the players wearing helmets that look nothing more that really thick beanies. A hard slam to the ground with that thing wouldn’t do much. Things have improved, though. Nowadays, football helmets have a thick plastic shell with some padding on the inside. The good news is that 3D scanning services wants to make those helmets fit even better than they do now. The goal is to custom fit every player.

3D laser scanning on your head

The company who is working on this is called Riddell. They are the ones who make most of the helmets worn by the NFL players. The name of the new custom-made helmet is called Precision Fit. Using 3D laser scanning services, this company takes a laser scan of the player’s head. That scan is what is used to get the exact dimensions for the helmet. The end result is a helmet that fits the player’s head perfectly. A perfect fit means a lot let movement between the head and the padding. This mean that there is less chance of that helmet flying off in the middle of a play, and less chance for injury.

I realize that whenever we watch football that we get excited.  We might even say some terrible things like “Smash those Broncos heads!” But the truth is, that really don’t want to see anyone get injured (unless it’s the super bowls!) Seriously, thought, this will help out those player. Of course, we don’t want to be naive enough to think that this helmet will end all injury. If you are running down the field and hit someone straight on, there is going to be pain. The goal is to keep injury down to a minimum.

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