3D Laser Scanning services are An Integral Crime-Solving Tool

Technology aids in solving cases

Solving crimes has always fascinated us. Crime scene investigators and police officers have always been on top of using the latest technology to solve cases and stop crimes. 3D laser scanning services have now entered that field and is not stopping any time soon. It is making our streets safer and allowing us to gather information faster than ever before. 

3D laser scanning services can collect information that can later be used as evidence in the courtroom. However, this will not take the place of gathering data like DNA, photographs, and collecting samples. 3D laser scanning will be an addition to those other forms of evidence. It is a way to document cases easier and find the bad guy. 

A few things are happening with 3D laser scanning devices that are helping improve safety. As this technology advances and signs of progress, we will see more law enforcement adopt this cutting-edge technology. It is giving us a new way to look at a scene and understand what happened.

What’s happening with 3D laser scanning?

Many things are happening with this technology, and it truly is impressive. Here is what’s going on:


There are now drones with 3D laser scanning devices helping document crashes, car accidents, or heavily trafficked areas. This method will help the city understand which intersections need the most help by reporting all accidents. It can help send out officers by reporting it as it is happening; this could even save lives if someone is injured. 

Handheld devices and crime scenes

The crazy thing is there are now so many types of 3D laser scanning devices you can find suitable for any situation. There are now handheld devices that can scan crime scenes, pick up every microscopic detail, and report them. 

How can 3d Laser Scanning data be used in court?

When someone collects information with a 3D laser scanning device, they store the information for future reference. The data collected can be printed or turned into extra photographs. 

However, one of the best things about this device is that it can help turn a scene into virtual reality. This can show the court exactly how the crime scene investigators found the scene. It is scary but accurate and necessary to provide all of the evidence in court. 

Will this take over previous ways of collecting the information?

3D laser scanning services will not take over previous ways of collecting data at a crime scene. The scans will be additional evidence that supports what happened. It can help put bad guys away or ensure the freedom of someone innocent. 

Final thoughts

There is truly no stopping the future of 3D laser scanning services. It has taken us in unexpected directions, and as we see it grow and advance, we will see more people using it. There is no denying that this technology can help us achieve a safer world with fewer threats. 

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