3D Laser Scanning Services: Apps And PPE Gear

Upgrading Our Comfort Level

Our world has been submerged in technology for the last few years, but now we are finally embracing this change with 3D laser scanning services. Many of us have realized that technology can bring us closer together and help us stay safe. You might be wondering how it can increase safety? With the help of 3D laser scanning apps, our phones can customize facemasks that are comfortable and protective. They are completely customized and fit the individual that has been scanned. Technology is helping us get rid of the one-size-fits-all. 

There are two apps that can help you create a custom-made frame for your masks. One is the Bellus3D Face App, and the other is the Dental Pro app. Both will help create comforting plastic frames that will help any mask feel better. Wearing face masks has been important in the last few months and is mandatory in many states. 

Face masks have been known to slip off, slide down, or be hard to wear for hours at a time. This customized frame can help retail workers, grocery store clerks, nurses, and doctors wear masks all day. It can help add a layer of protection and keep people feeling happy to work all day long. 3D laser scanning is constantly helping us upgrade our comfort level.

How does the app work

Most apps need one person to scan the person who requires a customized face mask. This means that someone opens the app, uses the camera, and the phone will direct the user. You have to ensure you get every angle of the face being scanned for accurate measurements. Once the scan is complete, the user needs to add more information to add in by hand.

How does 3D laser scanning work

This technology has become some of the most advanced tools in the world. However, it didn’t start that way. It works by taking rapid pictures of an object collecting all detailed information on it. Once the data is collected, it is sent to a CAD or computer-aided design program where more information can be plugged in. 

From there, it can be turned into virtual reality, 3D printed or sent as an electronic file. There are so many ways this information can be useful, helping us collect and store accurate information. 

The advantages of 3D laser scanning services

The best thing about 3D laser scanning services is that they are noninvasive, and limit the spread of germs. Usually, getting an accurate measurement of someone’s face would involve taking measurements by hand, which is not the most sanitary. This is one of the best ways to limit someone’s exposure and help them create a comfortable mask in the process. 

Final thoughts

We have seen extraordinary things done with 3D laser scanning services, and it will continue to be a rising trend. This technology is helping us create personal protective gear. It is helping us stay safe during a time when we are not certain how things will go. 

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