The Use of 3D Laser Scanning Services in Architectural Design

Technology Provides Many Options

There are so many reasons architects are adopting 3D laser scanning services, and with all of the innovations in technology, they now have tons of options to choose from. One of the major 3D scanning services to choose from is from a California-based company called Matterport. This company created the Matterport Pro2, which many architects use to design new buildings and spaces because of its incredible capabilities.

Architects have to use photography for many things in their line of work. However, this has to be a very technical type of photography that not every camera can capture. That is why many turn to 3D laser scanning services; it helps them capture the image but every dimension that goes along with the space. Technical photography is not easy, especially when it needs to be used for information later on. It has to be accurate and exact.

The Matterport Pro2 is great for architects, real estate agents, and designers looking at selling or designing a space. It allows them to capture accurate real-life information with the help of laser scanning. This technology enables a real estate agent to create an accurate virtual space to help sell to clients who cannot view it in person. It also helps a designer see the precise dimensions of a room to find the right furnishing. Lastly, it supports an architect constructing a new building working around the already surveyed land. Is this type of technology worth it? Absolutely, and here is why.

3D laser scanning services work with multiple camera systems

One of the reasons people have chosen this system is because it works with multiple camera systems. It pairs well with Insta360, Ricoh Theta 360, and most iPhone cameras. It makes it versatile enough for many people to use. You don’t need a fancy camera. An iPhone will work just fine for taking 3D photos of space without reducing the quality of the images or reducing the accuracy of the virtual layout.

Speed and quality

The second most important thing about finding the right technology for these tasks is versatility and speed. On top of speed, they want to focus on high-quality images, and Matterport Pro2 meets those standards. You will find this 3D laser scanning service to make quick but accurate work of any layout, and it will not compromise any of the quality.

In the last several years, we have seen many 3D laser scanning services reach the market, but the Matterport Pro2 seems to be one of the best for architects and real estate agents.

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