3D Laser Scanning Services Are Changing The Art World

NFTs Enter The Mix

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are set to transform the way traditional art is presented and marketed with 3D laser scanning services.

Kitco News reports that non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are set to transform the way traditional art is presented and marketed with 3D scanning services, according to Amrita Sethi, a pioneering NFT, and digital artist. 

“A classic painted mural is a flat image painted on a wall. On a wall, there is a two-dimensional representation of the image. However, even though the wall is three-dimensional, it does not have dimensions. As soon as you scan the QR code and start playing back the augmented reality, it begins to add layers to the experience.” Amrita Sethi stated.

How 3D laser scanning services works for artists 

When you compare traditional art to computerized art, the images are brought to life on a grander scale. 3D laser scanning services are changing the art world into something more modern. 

A non-fungible token (also known as a non-fungible identifier) is a datum that is both unique and non-interchangeable that is kept on a digital ledger. It does this by establishing a verified and public proof of ownership through blockchain technology and the help of 3D laser scanning services.

When David Lin, an anchor at Kitco News, came to the Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai, Sethi spoke with him and demonstrated how digital art is created. She used multiple different types of technology, including 3D laser scanning services. Aside from that, Sethi is well-known for her invention of “Voice Note Art,” an idea for which she owns the intellectual property rights. The concept is to start with a word and then use the sound waves that the word generates when spoken aloud to create a visual representation.

Digital arts and 3D laser scanning services

Using digital art as an example, Sethi described how we would see new dimensions in this new digital art world. We are now able to step aside from our 2D and 3D realities and reach other dimensions, which is what the concept of digital art and NFT’s are accomplishing for the creative economy, according to Sethi. 3D laser scanning is taking our world to places we have never been before. 

Sethi spoke about how art is increasingly becoming digital and that with this digitization comes the opportunity for virtual reality to be integrated with non-traditional technologies. In addition, she believes that future generations of children will notice if art is simply a flat representation of something. Instead, they will see the use of technology like 3D laser scanning services and know how to use it to view something differently. 

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