Clirio: The Revolutionary Future of 3D Laser Scanning Services

First End-To-End Holographic Reality Capture Tool for Field Inspections and Twinning

Clirio’s new revolutionary software, branded as ‘Clirio,’ is the future of advanced 3D laser scanning services. It combines mobile LiDAR scanning and special collaboration tools, providing a perfect 3-dimensional solution for capturing, organizing, sharing, and problem-solving. And thanks to its real-time data and field observations, users can also benefit from Clirio remotely.

Clirio offers a unique mix of special web, mobile, and AR/VR apps that revolutionize 3D scanning services. It lets users instantly capture, share, review, and resolve field observations, problems, and updates.

Clirio users can compile notes, acquire images, and 3D laserl scans (with the help of a laser scanner using a new iPhone Pro and iPad Pro). The application automatically geo-references field observations within a map-based workspace and syncs them to a safe and secure cloud-based workspace.

The intuitive interface allows colleagues, managers, stakeholders, or partners to arrange easily, review, analyze, and compare field observations. The base maps are produced automatically by importing from users’ GIS programs or field CAD or aerial photography.

In addition, Clirio allows teams to collaborate as one or more groups in a remote, live, virtual holographic gathering around field observations from inside the software. Finally, the “digital twin” documenting feature makes Clirio unique among the existing apps for 3D scanning services and lets customers revisit the site’s current and historical areas of interest at any time.

Clirio uses both augmented and virtual reality to enhance collaboration capabilities. Users can employ augmented reality on iPads and iPhones. They can also get real 3D holographic scanning services on Microsoft HoloLens and Oculus Quest devices. Multiple customers have the privilege to participate in virtual meetings around the 3-dimensional data.

A Promising Future of 3D Laser Scanning Services

Clirio CEO Ron Klopfer is optimistic about Clirio’s promising future in providing better 3D laser scanning services. He is eager to send off an entirely different set-up of tools to assist clients to succeed with field information capture, organization, and sharing difficulties.

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Clirio is a tool for the fascinating world of holographic 3D processes, from laser scanning to AR/VR collaboration, concentrating on geoscience and geospatial applications. Clirio has also helped corporate clients with expanded reality perception of geospatial information, 3D virtual distant cooperation, advanced twinning, and holographic preparation.

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