Are 3D Laser Scanning Services Worth It for Construction Companies?

The demand has definitely grown

Construction stakeholders recognize the potential of 3D laser scanning services and incorporate them into their projects’ life cycles. 3D laser scanning services deliver detailed information to project stakeholders by measuring a defined region. 

The scanner rotates 360 degrees to evaluate every nook and cranny of the building site. These details are integrated with the scanner’s camera’s high-resolution images. Consequently, an exact digital reproduction of the room is created, which may be seen as a virtual tour.

In 2016, 3D scanning services accounted for less than 20% of the construction industry’s demand. By 2018, it had risen to 57%. The market is expanding and is gaining traction. Construction stakeholders recognize the potential of 3D laser scan technology and incorporate it into their projects’ life cycles.

3D laser scanning services allow easier verification of construction sites while limiting human error. That makes 3D laser scanning services invaluable in the construction community. It is an accurate tool that can be adopted among many industries and is worth the hype it’s getting. 

Many continue to dispute the value of this information. On the surface, this service seems to be an extra expense. On the other hand, 3D laser scanning services more than pays for itself by reducing and eliminating project errors and accelerating the project timetable. The following are a few ways that scanning contributes to project ROI throughout the project’s lifespan.

Why are 3D laser scanning services so valuable?

Here are some reasons why 3D laser scanning services are worth the hype it’s getting in the construction field. 

Accurate site measurements

Verifying the site using 3D laser scanning at the start of the preconstruction process provides the engineering and design teams with the as-built documentation to prevent expensive errors down the road.

Visiting virtually

Along with lowering the possibility of errors, the scan’s 3D virtual tour enables project stakeholders to see the location. Virtual site visits are advantageous in light of current happenings.

Finding errors

Additionally, it may aid in the prevention of transaction mistakes. Trades are less likely to dispute one another when they have an up-to-date and accurate site plan. Instead of drafting in isolation from one another, each trade may utilize the scan to communicate and coordinate.

Bigger profits

The primary objective is to work as effectively and productively as possible to optimize the budget and earn a reasonable profit. While scanning may not eliminate all rework expenses, it can significantly reduce them by giving a precise project overview.

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