3D Laser Scanning Services Used For Crime Scenes

Many Benefits for Investigators

When 3D laser scanning services first came out in the 60s, the systems were hard to use. Not everyone was able to use this device, and many kinks came with it. However, this technology has been updated so much that prices have decreased, making it much easier to use. One version of this technology is DotProducts that have created 3D laser scanning devices anyone can use. It can collect precise information on homes and get the exact layout of the house. 

This new type of 3D laser scanning device can be great for collecting information on a crime scene or even a realtor who needs to show a house. It’s the best way to capture data that can be reviewed as a 3D model in the future. On top of that, all of the information collected can be stored and saved as a future reference. 

There are so many benefits of using 3D laser scanning services and devices for crime scenes. For example, it can allow someone to walk in and uniquely process a scene. Of course, this cannot replace the other forms of collecting evidence, but it can be a way to back up what is found at the crime scene. 

Benefits of 3D laser scanning services at a crime scene

Easy to use

Instead of a giant chunk machine or big hard-to-move cameras, this version can come on an easy to maneuver tablet. There are now many different versions of 3D laser scanning services, and all can be helpful when collecting evidence. Still, not all of them are easy to move around. 

Processes images faster

This device is connected to another program. It allows you to process images faster and filter through the images quickly. As a result, it can let you see things in-depth quicker than ever before. 

Uploads to the cloud

Uploading to the cloud is one of the best features. All of the information is saved to the cloud, where it can never be erased. It makes it one of the best places to keep data for the future and help compare crime scenes over the years and pick up any trends.

Live meetings

If necessary, this software can also host live meetings that other pieces of technology cannot do. Everyone can see the data at the same time and virtually be connected. 

Virtual spaces

If tours need to happen in the crime scene, using 3D laser scanning services, they can make a replica. It will allow a jury to walk through a space where a crime was committed without ever leaving the courtroom. The jury can see the area exactly how the forensic investigators found it. 

Final thoughts

There are many reasons why 3D laser scanning services are being used to scan homes and other spaces. First, it is a way to collect precise information that could save lives and put criminals behind bars. Second, it is a way for us to create virtual reality or other 3D models that can be useful. Over the next few years, we will see more versions of this device come out and see new projects that develop. 

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