3D Laser Scanning Services Help Create The Perfect Denim Jeans

The Latest In Tech Fashion

Tech fashion is one of the biggest emerging trends in the fashion industry. We are seeing AI or artificial intelligence in clothing and in making clothes, creating lab-grown leathers and materials, and even seeing VR fashion trends. What you may not know about this is that there are a lot of designers who create these trends with the help of 3D laser scanning services. Tech fashion is our future, and it is not slowing down any time soon.

One of the best things about tech fashion today is that many designers are also focused on sustainability. It means fewer materials going to waste, companies lowering their emissions being used, and the overall work ethics of the company. 3D scanning services can help in all three areas and still create something affordable for everyday wear.

Pangaia is a well-known brand that focuses on sustainability. They are known to create bio-based sweats and hoodies, but also they are focused on designing practical clothes sustainably for a better future. One of the ways they are currently doing that is by adopting 3D laser scanning and creating jeans for customers with an exact fit. When something fits a person precisely, it creates less waste than other brands.

Pangaia is partnering with Unspun, a San Francisco-based company that focuses solely on denim jeans. Together they will create a new line of clothing that is sustainable, practical, and high-tech. Unspun has a workspace in SF that allows customers to walk in for a custom fit. Then, they use 3D laser scanning services to collect all the information on a client’s body non-invasively. From that data, they create custom jeans within a month or two.

The process has now been updated. Instead of needing to walk in to use the 3D laser scanning services, a client can take a ten-second video of their body using Unspuns mobile app. In addition, the app can be just as accurate and gather all of the details needed to make a custom pair of jeans. It is no wonder why Pangaia has partnered with this amazing company.

Why use 3D laser scanning services?

When a company uses high-tech, it takes out the guesswork in the design process. Typically, a designer will guess a person’s size or create a size “6” for all people close to that size. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work for most people. Everyone has a unique body shape that cannot be captured in mass production. It means customers return things, throw things away, get them tailored, and more. It leaves tons of waste from a company and creates an unsustainable environment.

3D laser scanning services help create actual jeans that are a perfect fit for consumers. They are less likely to throw them away, return them, or need tailoring. It means less waste and more use.

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