3D Laser Scanning Services Used for Dermatology

Used to Detect Small Details in the Skin

3D laser scanning services have entered so many different fields we are always surprised to see where it emerges. We know that this tool collects information rapidly and can detect small, even microscopic details. This reason makes this technology one of the best tools for doctors. What about dermatology? Our dermatologists and machines the next step in finding skin cancer sooner and documenting the stages? It could be true, and we are excited to see how more dermatologists worldwide start adopting 3D laser scanning services.

Typically diagnosing skin cancer is a visual process, but with human eyes, sometimes things go wrong. Sometimes a doctor does not see anything unusual, and that can be a problem. Doctors are well trained, but using a 3D laser scanning device can have backup eyes. This machine may save lives and prevent cancer from spreading too quickly. 

3D laser scanning is not a way to replace the doctor. Some dermatologists feel threatened by using this new technology, but they shouldn’t. This is one of the best ways to back up a doctor, capture evidence that can be stored for future reference, and help treat a patient better. There are so many advantages a doctor will get from using this machine. 

What are the actual advantages of 3D laser scanning?

You may be surprised that some people are wary of accepting this technology. It has been around since the 1960s and has since developed into extraordinary tools. Using 3D laser scanning for dermatology may help save lives, but there is more to it. Here are the biggest advantages a doctor can get from adopting this technology.


The best thing about this tool is that it is not invasive. A doctor can hold a device and scan it over problematic areas, all without touching the patient. This can actually make someone much more comfortable instead of being poked and asking them to turn over a few times. Instead of dreading checkups, a patient will understand that it will only be a quick sweep over an area. 


Doctors are trained to look for specific signs. However, if they are looking for one thing, they may miss another problem completely. Using a 3D laser scanning device is like having a second pair of eyes that can look for many different things. The doctor is able to go back over the information to pick up any abnormalities that are there. 


Instead of making a patient wait until the doctor can see the entire body, this can happen in just a few moments. This takes the pressure off patients and helps doctors feel more relaxed with their schedules.

Saves Information

Every doctor has to save patient information for a certain amount of time. This is a way to capture data and then save it as a future reference. The dermatologist will be able to look at the change in a person’s skin over the years and save the information for liability reasons. 

Final thoughts

3D laser scanning services are changing our world and has entered the medical field. We will continue to see more advancements in this field and dermatologists who will adopt this technology too.

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