3D Laser Scanning Services Does A Long Range Scan

A long shot by 3D laser scanning services

Remember the show Quigley Down Under? The main character of the movie was Tom Seleck and he carried a single shot rifle. It was a Sharps rifle to be exact. Clint Eastwood it is said was also considered for the lead role, but Seleck ended up being the lead guy. Anyways, that main character in the story was named Quigley. He was a ruff dude with a steady hand and a good eye for shooting. He proves himself the hero of the film at the end by beating his enemy at a quick-draw. This was a surprise, because throughout the whole movie we were all thinking his skills was just his long shot. That guy could shoot a bucket from long distance away. I have said all that just to say that it reminds me of a new 3D laser scanner. This scanner has done kind of the same thing except flipped around. I thought 3D laser scanners were good just at short range. It turns out that 3D laser scanning services now does long shots.

Longer is Tougher

3D laser scanning services done at long distance seems like a tall order. 3D laser scanners work by shining a laser that reflects off the surface of an object back to the scanner. That works pretty good when the distance is short. A short distance means that those light particles are easily reflected back without being lost. When the distance gets long, then the light particles start to disseminate. The longer the distance, the easier it is for the light to disperse and be lost. There is, though, a 3D laser scanning services technology that can do a scan a long-shot. This is a new technology that uses an infrared laser running a very low power. The distances we are talking about is around a mile away. That is a good stretch to be scanning. Therefore, we can easily anticipate that most of the laser particles are going to be lost. This device, though, uses nano-scale wires that are extremely sensitive. They can pick-up the slightest particle that is reflected back. If they are looking for a name for this decide, I will recommend calling it the Quigley.

3D laser scanning has a good tool

A long distance 3D laser scanning services device could be very useful. I don’t mean just so lazy scanning engineers can sit with their feet on the desk and scan something across the room. There are some very strategic ways to use this far-sighted scanning technology. Some have suggested using it at airport security. I am not big on “big bro” intrusive technology stuff, but I’m sure they will find it useful. They could detect potential threats from quite a distance away. The military has most likely already been using this technology. It could be used for scanning from airplanes to analyze terrain and crops. There are so many options.

It seems that 3D laser scanning services is adding more skills to its bag. Whether you need a short range scan or a long one, it can do it,

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