3D Laser Scanning Services: Holographic Digital Twin Aids Infrastructure Planning in Florida

Digital twin technology, which includes 3D laser scanning services technology, has been announced in three counties in Florida. This technology is set to allow stakeholders to make better decisions, especially where infrastructure planning is concerned.

The Orlando Economic Partnership, the region’s economic and community development organization, is funding a showcase where this form of 3D scanning services will be on display. The entire area will be on display as multiple stakeholders give their input.

This organization has gone on record claiming that this 3D laser scanning services technology gives users the power to incorporate real-time data. This data comes in handy when mapping out climate change scenarios, available real estate, and much more.

How the Organization is Using 3D Laser Scanning Services

The Orlando Economic Partnership has sought the services of Unity, a platform that creates and operates real-time 3D content, to develop the digital twins 3D scanning project. Unity is expected to map out or recreate 800 square miles of Orange, Seminole, and Osceola counties in Florida.

The Orlando Economic Partnership is a public-private partnership between the City of Orlando and Orange County, Florida. The Partnership’s mission is to build Central Florida’s economy through regional collaboration, strategic planning, and world-class talent attraction. To fulfill its mission, the Partnership works with various partners on initiatives that drive economic growth and prosperity in Central Florida.

One of the Partnership’s initiatives is the Orlando Smart City Initiative, a multi-year effort to make Orlando a global leader in smart cities technology. As part of the initiative, the Partnership works with various partners to develop and deploy digital twins of Orlando’s critical infrastructure. Digital twins are digital replicas of physical systems that can be used for simulations, analysis, and decision-making.

The Partnership believes that digital twins will have a transformative impact on the way cities are managed and operated. By developing digital twins of Orlando’s critical infrastructure, the Partnership is helping to create a more efficient, effective, and resilient city.

The data sets will be different from those provided by investors. However, this will allow stakeholders, including the local government and local companies (nonprofits), to devise different plans to positively impact the region.

This new 3D technology is estimated to make infrastructure connectivity and talent availability more accessible across various industries.

Companies in the utility industry and city planners will be able to map out proposed infrastructure improvements on a holographic display thanks to the 3D technology, which is currently in development.

The Senior Vice President of Digital Twins at Unity, David Rhodes, said that this form of 3D laser scanning services technology unleashes the power of data, allowing better decision-making and cities like Orlando to plan and build a safe and sustainable future.


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