Using 3D Laser Scanning Services to Help the Housing Crisis

The Future of Housing Takes Shape at Buena Vista Factory

Adam Rowlee supervises a modular home at the first station of Fading West factory.

“There has been an increase in terms of the housing crisis for multiple families. Once I saw that we can solve this housing crisis after years of discussion, I wanted to be part of the change”.

Fading West factory is keen on delivering high-quality and affordable homes to families across the West. Working in hand with The Colorado Sun, they will work tirelessly until the Pinion Park Project in Norwood is complete.

The factory aims to build at least one home every ten days. The combination of philanthropic support, a unique mortgage lending program and a non-profit developer will ensure locals enjoy affordable housing.

The only challenge to this development is local code and zoning regulations. Charlie Chupp, Fading West factory founder, brought together politicians and communities to ensure this project takes place. Without the government overhauling certain regulations, it would be impossible to see the plans to fruition.

Fading West factory combines intensive labor and manufacturing technology to ensure their goals meet deadlines. However, there is still a need for 24-hour shifts to encourage more development.

How 3D Laser Scanning Services Are Helping

Using 3D laser scanning services, the beams can mark down the areas where there should be walls and cut holes for wiring and plumbing. At the center of the factory, the walls are held up by cranes and placed accurately according to the 3D scanning services illustration.

In the other station, workers are busy installing wires and plumbing. Once the walls are fitted, the structure is moved using pneumatic lifts. The next preceding stations involve installing ceilings and prepping second-floor walls for trusses. Finally, at station four, the workers install stairs on the first floor of the building.

Workers focus on drywalling the homes until they are moved to the southline. As the home nears completion, the tasks become more detailed.

In the coming station, the homes will be fitted with foam insulation. There is also floor installation. Fading West factory is keen to install only the best material for the property. So they use Andersen Windows, which are relatively expensive but rather durable in any climate.

At stations 11 and 12, the team installs siding with regard to the customer color requests. The workers clean the homes before adding paint and texture to the walls. Since the exterior walls are hinged, it is easy to fold up the home for transport.

In the final stage, the home is wrapped in shrink wrap and sealed with a heat gun. The home is stacked on lumber and shipped to Norwood. It takes a few weeks to install the foundations of the home.

With the government supporting a 3D laser scanning services strategy, it can be quite easy to solve the menace of poor or unavailable housing.


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