The Fourth Industrial Revolution IS HERE

AND It's Changing How Industries Operate

Smart machines, artificial intelligence, and sensor technology are ushering in a new age that impacts every aspect of daily life. The world is in the middle of a fourth industrial revolution, and not everyone knows the changes. The fourth industrial revolution comprises cloud computing, robotics, self-driving vehicles, advanced wireless technologies, 3D laser scanning services, and autonomous deliveries. 

The first industrial revolution saw the change from horses to cars, and mass assembly lines were part of the second revolution. The third resulted in the internet and computers, and now the fourth revolution is bringing new technological advances. 

A large part of the fourth revolution is machines taking place in the workplace. Artificial intelligence allows machines to perform many of the same tasks previously held by employees. Of course, some workers will face replacement in the fourth age, but it is also an exciting time for industries in construction and maintenance. 


3D scanning services are being used in construction to evaluate site conditions. The technology also scans pipes, steel structures, ductwork, conveyors, and other equipment. In addition, 3D models help the company estimate projects costs. 

Construction companies are also using laser scanning to create pre-fabricated construction kits. The technology lowers costs while improving efficiency and quality. The 3D scanning services are also making worksites safer for employees. 

Smart technology is not only limited to the construction industry. 3D scanning services are helping to make industrial power companies safer and more efficient. For example, an iron ore mining company is currently looking to see how smart technology can improve its business practices. The mining organization is hiring data scientists to look into how to effectively employ 3D scanning services to meet the needs of the business and its customers. 

3D scanning is a part of the fourth industrial revolution, and it is changing how many industries operate. It will be exciting to see what other changes are introduced during the technology revolution. 

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