3D Laser Scanning Services: A Mummified Priest and Vocal Tracts

Recreating a Mummy's Voice

Through 3D laser scanning services, researchers have recreated sounds from a 3,000 year-old mummified priest. It may seem impossible to you, but using the latest technology, we have been able to go back and study history more in-depth than ever before. The team was able to scan the remaining vocal tract and recreate it whole with the help of 3D printing, which allowed them to test it to understand what he may have sounded like over 3,000 years ago. The individual measurements of a vocal tract are what make a person’s voice unique. 

There have been many people working on this project, and the process was an amazing one. We could never have imagined how far 3D laser scanning services, devices and 3D printers would bring us. The mummy was handled with care, and the scanners never harmed or physically explored the mummy. Instead, it allowed researchers to gain an inside look without having to touch the mummy. 

Though this mummy was well preserved, there were still missing spots that needed to be filled using a special CAD program. CAD stands for computer-aided design, and it allowed them to fill in the necessary gaps before printing the replica of the vocal cords. In addition, it helped allow them to understand what he may have sounded like and copy the vowels that we most commonly use now. 

Is a CT scan different from a 3D laser scanning device?

3D laser scanning services came out in the 1960s and used LiDAR, also known as light detection and ranging. The first CT or computed tomography scan uses radiology to get precise images. You may be wondering what the difference is or a different version of the same technology. 

A 3D laser scanning device captures the size, shape, and even textures of an object by casting thousands of light beams that are being measured. It paints a picture of the reflection the object is roaming over. Every beam catches points that can then be transferred to a CAD system to edit later on. 

A CT scanner is a type of 3D laser scanning device that is used in the same fashion. They use multiplex-rays to look not only on the outside of something but also on the inside. It is a full-body 3D laser scanning device that mixes technology. Many doctors and scientists in the medical field have adopted this technology. The first CT scan was created in 1972. 

Final thoughts on 3d laser scanning services

3D laser scanning services are allowing us to dive deeper into the medical world but also deeper into history. Previously it would have been incredibly hard to create a vocal tract of an old mummy because that would involve removing pieces and unwrapping the mummy. It would have destroyed history if not careful, and by using the latest technology, the damage has been avoided. We would never have thought about recreating a 3,000-year-old mummy’s voice, but now, thanks to the help of this amazing technology, we can. 

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