3D Laser Scanning Services Used At Puri Jagannath Temple

Shrine Is Under Renovation

A new project has emerged brought on by the ASI or Archeological Survey of India to use 3D laser scanning services to illuminate and show off the 12th-century shrine. This technology will help restore and update it. They are going to focus on the main temple at Puri Jagannath. The lighting project will start first and use LED and will take about two months to complete. Using the latest technology, the teams can thoroughly map out the shrine, even hard-to-reach places. Often with older buildings, there aren’t current maps that can help a team with renovation plans. 

By adopting 3D laser scanning services, the teams can create accurate floor layouts of the main shrine and other temples. They can save these for future planning and even turn them into virtual reality one day. In the future, renovations will be much easier, and projects can be done much quicker with the latest technology.

3D laser scanning has been used to update historical properties worldwide. That is because there has been a wide range of unique benefits to this technology. This tool has been used for multiple projects and is being used in different ways too.

Unique advantages of 3D laser scanning buildings

The best thing about this technology is that it can scan massive buildings. It can be attached to a mobile or drone and flown across the area to collect information. 3D laser scanning can also be a handheld device that a person can walk around with. The technology is not hard to use and can have one of the best company investment returns. 

3D laser scanning will collect all of the microscopic details that could be easy to miss with such a big shrine or temple. It allows the team to collect and save the information but also keeps it organized. In addition, it can help them create renovation plans that will help beautify the temple and attract more tourists in the future. 

The next best thing about this tool is that it can all happen incredibly fast. For example, it would take a person months to analyze a temple the size of Jagannath Temple. However, this tool can happen in much less time and create accurate layouts and plans. 

What other projects are happening in India with 3D laser scanning services?

India is a massive place, and because of that, you will see many projects using 3D laser scanning. This technology has become a worldwide trend, and with all of the developments, it has many different versions a team can choose from. You will see this technology being used to monitor traffic in high collision areas around New Delhi. 

Some forensic investigators have adopted this technology as another form of evidence collecting at a crime scene. However, it is not the primary way to show proof and evidence but a way to create a virtual reality of how the investigators found the scene to begin with. 

There are also tons of fashion brands emerging in India that focus on providing custom-fit clothing. They do this by offering people 3D laser scans of their bodies to create custom clothing.

As you can see, India is wholeheartedly adopting 3D laser scanning, and we can’t wait to see the upcoming projects. 

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