New in 3D Laser Scanning Services: UK’s MoD Partners with Skydio Drones

Modernizing Military Assets

The UK’s Ministry of Defense continues to draw lessons from the enormous effects of commercial drones Ukraine is deploying against Russian invaders. Consequently, the UK’s MoD has turned to Skydio, a top consumer tech specialist, to develop UAV assets.

The UK’s MoD has been using DJI Matrice 300 RTKs drones but has recently ordered drones worth $3.6 million from SKydio X2D. The new drones will be used for first responders, security, and military operations.

In partnership with Marlborough Communications Limited, Sykido will provide portable UAVs that have proven effective in defending Ukraine against Russian invaders. The UK’s MoD wants to defend its airspace using drones offering advanced 3D laser scanning services.

The UK’s MoD wants to test the diverse applications of these drones that are available at affordable prices. Skydio X2D drones are part of MoD’s efforts to modernize its military assets. The best part about these drones is that they are replaceable if destroyed or damaged on the battlefield.

These drones offer adaptive 3D laser scanning services and artificial intelligence capabilities. With 3D scanning services, military jet fighters can carry out incident response missions, security patrols, and surveillance at night or during the day.

Skydio’s Use of 3D Laser Scanning Services

Skydio X2D drones feature learning algorithms, six 4K cameras, and 360 degrees obstacle avoidance, enabling them to prepare for future scenarios and understand ongoing situations. These drones are also larger than the DJI drones in terms of scope.

Skydio and the UK’s MoD partnership comes under the FGC nano UAV initiative. The UK military will deploy these drones to gather intelligence around the country’s border points. In addition, planners are using these drones to determine UAVs’ future use and requirements, including enhanced surveying capabilities, improved 3D scanning services, early warning alerts during the war, and enhanced situational awareness.

Experts believe Skydio drones offer a strategic advantage on current and future battlefields. They use 3D scanning services to enable soldiers to obtain unprecedented, real-time situational awareness.

Skydio feels honored to partner with MCL to improve the capabilities of the UK armed forces. The UK government has suspended the acquisition of new DJI drones following the ban by the US government. But the UK government hasn’t blocklisted any Chinese tech firm that doesn’t meet the US standards.

So, still, several police forces across the UK are using DJI drones for security deployment. The MoD takes the security of the Britons and their assets seriously and has put robust measures in place to keep all its 3D laser scans under review.

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