Sony Patents 3D Laser Scanning Services That Insert Real-World Objects Into VR

Patent is Pending

A patent means a company has an exclusive right to an invention or idea of an invention. 3D laser scanning services have been around for years but this niche has gained traction over the last several years. Sony now has a patent for 3D scanning services that allow a user to scan real-life objects and then put them into the virtual world or virtual reality. 

About the Patent

Sony’s patent application for a 3D scanner capable of transforming real-world things into virtual reality is not novel. Indeed, the listing goes all the way back to June of last year, but given that the patent office requested that Sony resubmit the paperwork with more data, and Sony has done so, we think the electronics giant is serious about this endeavor.

Although the patent has not been awarded yet, the papers indicate that the 3D laser scan might be used to insert real-world items into the virtual world or to better integrate the real and virtual worlds. Additionally, the user will be able to scan far larger things than tiny, portable items. The only need is that the item be scanned in 360 degrees.

We can expect to see many more patents and inventions that involve 3D laser scanning services. However, it may be some time before Sony invents anything physical because this is just a patent or idea for the inventions. It gives them the rights to create the product without the idea being stolen from another company.

The Benefits of 3D Laser Scanning Services

3D laser scanning services have become a booming industry but because of the surge it has also become very competitive. There are many companies tweaking the original software that made 3D laser scanning services and using it to provide support to different companies. 

This type of technology is amazing for graphic designers, video game designers, manufacturers, and more. 

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