3D Laser Scanning Services Takes On Golf

Get ready to tee off with 3D laser scanning

Unless you are Forrest Gump and have a Happy Gilmore golf swing then what you are about to read might be of interest to you if you are a golfer. 3D scanning services is teeing off with some news about how it is helping golfers do their pre-game preppy prep-up preparation. Did I just make that up? Okay, well, that is what 3D scanning services is helping them with whatever those guys do before the game to get ready. Golf is an intensely boring game in my opinion. Smack a ball then clap. Smack it again then clap. Tap the ball and say “Oooh”. Tap it again and then clap. Zzzzzz. Let me remind you, though, that we are not here to discuss my opinion. We are talking about 3D laser scanning services helping golfers get ready for the next big game! Match? Round? 

The guy who applied the 3D laser scanning

Whatever. On with it. We all think that the green is a flat surface right? Well it should be. The problem is that we live in a the real world where things are out of whack. Now you know why the golfers have to squat and look at the hole for an hour before they putt it towards the hole. The guy who ran the ground packer needs to be sacked and canned, is what I think. But nobody asked me. The sad but interesting truth is that 3D laser scanning has a plan to get Tiger out of the woods. How in the not-so-flat earth is it going to do that? Well, there is a guy who knows all about this. His name is, you guessed it, Michael O’brian. No you didn’t guess it, but that’s the guys name. This is a guy who was politely pathetically perturbed by so many pathetic putts that he put his pounds where his teeth pouch is and did something about it.  He whipped out his 3D laser scanner and got down to business.

3D laser scanning the layout

To make a long story fat, this guy started going around to golf courses and began implementing a little 3D laser scanning services Kung Fu on the contours. Or to put it in Slombovian HeeHaw for all you Golfing for Dummies dummies he stuck that far scan dar for not knowing dems weller shots real good. Okay, let’s not do that. Basically, he did scans for the course so that golfers who are getting ready for a game can study the terrain. He did it using a Leica ScanStation p20 scanner to get the job done. Now professionals and amateurs alike are looking at MIchael O’Brian’s work to get knowledge of the playing field.

Whew! So there you have it. Not bad for a first game by 3D laser scanning services. This time were breaking par. Next time 3D laser scanning services will be on the golf course busting a hole in one in nothing but shorts without a caddie blindfolded at night. Boom! Have a good day.

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