Driving a Tesla in the Snow: How 3D Laser Scanning Services Help

Engineering All-Weather Components

Can you drive a Tesla in the snow? It’s an electric car so it does handle differently. But you can in fact drive it in the snow, with some proper preparation. In this article, we’ll go over a few different ways you can prepare your Tesla for the winter road – and also examine how 3D laser scanning services have enabled some top-notch engineering to enhance every driver’s experience.

Preparing the tires

For starters, you can replace the normal tires with winter tires. Normal tires need to be manufactured with steel wire cables to provide them with enough strength. Unlike winter tires, which have 3 or more tightly-woven layers that provide more resistance to wear and degradation on the surface of the road. 

Normal tires have a softer rubber compound that does not harden as easily as winter tires. It is also easier for them to grip onto the surface of the road because they have more lubricant on it. Winter tares are manufactured with a much harder rubber compound so that they are less likely to be degraded on the surface of their roads, and they work better in snow.

Keep your wipers in good working order

You should also make sure you have a new set of windshield wipers and keep your wiper fluid full. Wipers serve a vital function because they keep the windshield clear of snow, dirt, and ice. If your wipers are not in working order when you need them most, it can be very hard to see while driving in winter conditions.

Get the proper floormats

Lastly, you should also get some good floormats. You’ve probably heard that 3D printing is changing the world. 3D scanning services are also playing a huge part in this revolution. 3D scanned parts not only look better, but they’re also more accurate and durable too. 3D scanning services are being used to engineer Tesla’s floormats for example.

Floormats are just one of many parts of Teslas which have been created with 3D scanning services – other examples include seatbelt brackets, bumper caps, headlamp bezels, and even key fob covers. The technology has been embraced by many successful automakers and Tesla is no exception to this fast-growing adoption.

3D laser scanning services are changing the game

Laser scanning is a way to make 3D models of things. It works by using a laser to measure the 3D shape of an object. 3D scanning services use a laser to measure millions of points on something’s surface and then use these measurements to create 3D model that can be used for anything from 3D printing or engineering purposes. This approach enables fast, accurate, and precise engineering models to be created in a quick and easy manner. In turn, it helps speed up production and increases the pace of innovation at Tesla.

For such a cutting-edge car, this kind of technology makes all the difference, enabling peak performance even when the weather is against you out there on the road.

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