Police Invest In Trimble X7 3D Laser Scanning Services Technology

Surrey and Sussex Police Departments are Working with KOREC

x7 lasers are in the process of replacing existing old technology with a new advanced high technology thanks to the determination of increasing instruments that are available for forensic collision investment units. These instruments will address all road incidences, thereby enforcing quick delivery of services. Service delay will be a non-issue for a considerably long period after a successful implementation of the 3D laser scanning services

All FCIU vehicles are expected to be fitted with 3D cameras reducing the time one has to use in transporting scanners to a scene concurrently handling the challenge of delays inroads. Road closure incidents will be very minimal with 3D scanning services absorption. Police office departments at Surrey and Sussex are convinced that 3D scanning services assimilation is the way to go. All this is driven by the fact that collecting information about the incidence is very quick, reviewing back to the scene is workable and collecting new developing information is possible with this new technology. 

KOREC is now working hand in hand with the Surrey and Sussex department to implement the new Trimble x7, which is considered very detailed and can work on a very tight schedule comfortably. The lead director of the forensic collision investigation unit of the two police posts of Sussex and Surrey, Dan Pitcher, attempts to make us understand how this technology can be applied in the current economy. He stresses that it can produce accurate representations of a situation within the shortest time and has termed the data very reliable and facilitates the faster generation of reports. 

The data will also help in dealing with court cases faster. The biggest advantage of 3D laser scanning services is that in the long run, it is much cost-conscious and very appropriate for cutting down costs incurred in general processes. He further gives weight to the fact that with this new technology, motorists are of an advantage since, in case of an occurrence, 3d scans are run quickly, and the time they are held up on the road is greatly diminished. As a result, the issue of frequent road closures has been tackled to a greater level.

The chief inspector of the two police departments also noted that all the efforts embraced with the implementation of the new technology were all in line to provide security to the citizens and exercise commitment when handling all challenges motorists face as a result of delays on roads or frequency closures due to uncontrollable incidences. 

The Benefits of 3D Laser Scanning Services

The new technology will help ensure that all road offenders are brought to justice faster. Families who lose their loved ones to road accidents also will now be able to get explanations of the accidents within a short time.

Barry monk, the regional director of KOREC and the responsible body for the x 7 sale, urged all responsible bodies not to entirely rely on Trimble x7 but also intertwine it with its forensic reveal software for better and more detailed output.

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