Which US Manufacturers Are Using 3D Laser Scanning Services?

The Technology is Driving Sales

Additive manufacturing is growing swiftly worldwide, but nowhere near where it all began, the United States. 3D laser scanning services have become one of the best tools for businesses and manufacturing companies to adopt. Chuck Hull created stereolithography in 1987 and the first metal AM technologies in the 1990s. Since then, the American additive manufacturing (AM) industry has grown steadily in the United States, a nation that routinely ranks first in the world for the biggest installed base of 3D printers. However, you may not know what companies use 3D laser scanning services and printers. Keep reading to find out more about the American companies using this technology. 

The top American manufacturers using 3D laser scanning services

Take a look at the list below to find out who uses the latest technology and what they do with it. Some of these companies use 3D scanning services, while others use 3D printing. 

3D Systems

3D Systems is one of the first companies that started using additive manufacturing to drive their sales. They use the smallest printers all the way up to large 3D printers, which sets this company apart from others. They have had a long time to perfect the use of additive manufacturing. 

Desktop Metal

Companies like Desktop Metal have goals of making 3D-printed metal more accessible worldwide. They have creative machines that are known and used in multiple companies. They want you to add in their products to help your business grow. It’s time to implement printers and 3D laser scanning services into your business and partner with this US company. 


Believe it or not, one of the biggest brands you see every single day is not known for computers but known for their additive technology. HP has always strived to create the best products and sell the best products. To keep their competitive edge, they have used 3D laser scanning services and printers to serve others better. So rest assured that every HP product is high-quality and made with the latest technology. 

Start using 3D laser scanning services today

Many companies have turned to additive manufacturing or 3D laser scanning services to create incredible products for consumers. Even every day, people have started realizing the benefits of using 3D laser scanning services every day. There are also home 3D printers for sale now too. This means new designers can start practicing at home and learn this technology’s ins and outs. 

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