3D Laser Scanning Services: A Virtual 3D Tour of the Alamo

An Inside Tour of the Renowned Mission-Era Church

Visitors to the Alamo Church Virtual Tour will see more than 40 points of interest outside and inside this iconic mission-era church with over 100 4K resolution, 3D laser scanning services data. The tour launched publicly this week and is free for anyone with internet access at thealamo.org.

About the 3D Laser Scanning Services Tour

The Alamo has launched a 3D scanning virtual tour of its iconic mid-1700s church, giving online viewers an up close and personal look at what makes this historic site so unique. From artillery damage to traces of mission frescoes, these new videos are worth checking out for anyone who wants more information on how they can visit.

The Alamo Trust is thrilled that students and teachers alike can now explore the historic site of this iconic building from anywhere through a 3D scanning services virtual tour.

The Daughters of the Republic of Texas have been preserving this historic site for over 100 years. The stone church, which was never completed as designed after its original roof collapsed during a storm in 1836, became an army warehouse with the second floor added to store items from inside the town hall before restoration work began 20th century by organization beginning in earnest early 2000s.

Led today through Pop-outs and archival photos that provide more insight. This shows why they were important locales throughout history, including markers suggesting where soldiers lay dead or dying following battle explosions right outside doorways where you can see blood stains still visible today if you look closely enough.

The 3D laser scanning services Virtual Tour of the Alamo will allow visitors to experience what it was like for soldiers at Fort Sam Houston during their service.

The site’s first-ever VR tour helps bring this historic building into the modern day while preserving its rich history by allowing access through two normally off-limits rooms -the confessional and baptistry. This online feature is absolutely FREE so take advantage before they tweak or update these parts again later down the line.

With over 100 3D scanning photo scans, we’re trying to convey much of the site’s 300-year history through this virtual tour. The only people seen are two Alamo Rangers who greet visitors at their entranceway into town – they can hit play on any point and zoom in for detail if interested!

The 3D laser scanning services tour provides close-ups of suspected battle damage to the façade from a shotgun blast and cannonball. It explains how this stone was saved when others were not so fortunate. It features a keystone over the door dated 1758 featuring winged figures in Franciscan church tradition alongside religious monogrammed initials, which are also typical for those times.


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