Expert 3D laser Scanning Services for your project

  • Get as-built 3D CAD models of your plant
  • Take measurements from a safe distance
  • Get walk-through point clouds
  • Get color panoramic images
  • Learn about design clashes in advance
  • Obtain drawings where non existed before
  • Obtain 1/8″ accuracy over large areas
  • Get sections, elevations, flooplans and maps

Here are some of the ways you can use 3d laser scanning for:

Obtain detailed cad models of your plant

Does your plant  have outdated as-built drawings? 3D scanning provides a way to obtain updated drawings in the form of 3D CAD models of structural steel, ducts, equipment and piping. Armed with accurate models, your engineers can route new designs around existing objects, avoiding potential clashes and interferences during new construction.

Design to fit existing pipes, vessels and equipment

When a processing plant adds a new product line, there is new piping and equipment that needs to be installed. With careful planning and the as-built drawings obtained from doing 3D laser scanning, the new piping designs can be engineered for precise fit, minimizing installation delays due to unforeseen conflicts.

Plan for building renovations

3D laser scanners are very efficient at capturing floors, walls and ceiling of building interiors as well as anything outdoors. Apartment complexes, hotels, hospitals, casinos, shopping malls, and parking garages are all great examples of architectural structures that can be scanned. The point clouds can be used directly, or we can extract a CAD model for you.

Blueprints for boats, ships & Vessels

When a boat is in dry dock for maintenance, it is an opportune time to take a 3D laser scan of the hull. Any sized boat, ship or vessel can be scanned. For smaller boats (depending on location) this can be done in a day. The scan can be turned into 2D drawings for use by a naval architect, or into 3D solid models for various types of analysis.

Analyze wind turbine towers for defects

Wind Turbines can be scanned safely and easily from ground level. Scans can be used to analyze to identify any dents that may be present, and map out their location and depth. Scans can also be used to analyze the tower has a whole, and determine whether it has been structurally compromised after a failure event.

Measure Stockpile Volumes

Measuring stockpiles is easily done using long range 3d laser scanning. The scans can also be taken from the air using a drone. The scans are used to create a digital model of the pile from which the volume can be calculated. Aerial scanning has the advantage of capturing the top of the pile which is sometimes not visible from the ground.

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    what our customers are saying

    “My company has used Arrival 3D on several occasions. Arrival 3D came to our remote job site a couple times, bringing their equipment with them. They expertly scanned complex geometry, in less than perfect conditions, that resulted in superb CAD solid models. I am enthusiastic about their capabilities and service.”

    “Arrival 3D helped us to scan the interior of a 6-story building, including the attic space. We needed the scans for coordination between the trades working in the building. Arrival 3D was always on time, worked with us when we needed to scan extra spaces throughout each floor, and help us us align the scans with our MEP models. We were very impressed with the service and technology they provide.”

    “I dealt with Arrival 3D for a project at my workplace, scanning several large, complex vehicles…I will not hesitate to contact Arrival 3D again for any scanning needs.”

    Quick answers regarding long-range scanning services:

    What is the process?

    In a nutshell, we travel to your site and conduct the scan according to your project needs. We then return to the office where we prepare your 3D output files. These get delivered to you, along with our assistance on how to use them

    How accurate is it?

    Depending on the type of scanning, accuracy is typically in the range from 1/8″ for building scanning to .0040″ for large object scanning

    How much does it cost?

    On-site 3D laser scanning cost starts at $1,500 per day or more depending on the situation, plus $100/hr for CAD modeling and production of other types of output files. Every project is unique, so call us today for a personalized quote for your project.

    How long does it take?

    Quite often, we can scan a facility in a single day. Entire plants can be scanning often in 3-5 day periods. As always, needs vary from project to project. Call us at 866-687-7784 for a customized quote.

    3D Laser Scanning Services Gallery

    Here are some example renderings taken from recent 3D scanning service projects that we have worked on:

    sample files to download

    Here are a various types of scan output formats that you can download and test with your software. (These are for your testing use only, and not for publishing or distribution)
    drone 3d model
    Stockpile Drone Scan 3D PDF Color Mesh
    Autodesk Revit model
    Warehouse Scan RVT Autodesk Revit Model
    piping 3D scan and model
    Piping with Ground DWG Layered AutoCAD
    warehouse 3d scan and CAD model
    Building Structure DXF Layered AutoCAD