3D Laser Scanning to Make Jewelry

3D Laser Scanning services does bling

What is your favorite piece of jewelry? If you would have asked me when I was seven years old, I would have said a candy Ring-Pop. If you ask me now, I definitely have to say that it is my wedding band. Although it is just a small piece of metal, it represents something very special. Other than that I have no other interest in wearing chain or rings. Some people, though, love to wear lots of it. It is for this reason that jewelry is a big industry. People are also always looking for ways to be more creative with jewelry. They even are applying technologies like 3D scanning services. 3D laser scanning services has given jewelry makers a tool to replicate nearly anything into a person ornament.

The workings of 3D laser scanning

First of all, to know how 3D laser scanning services can make jewelry, it’s important to know a little something about 3D laser scanning. A 3D scanner can take almost anything and digitize it. Using a special software and a scanner, an object can be “captured” as a digital image by taking measurements from light bouncing off of the object. Of course there are different kinds of scanners. Some of them use just normal light, while some of them use a laser beam, Some of them secured to a workbench or rest of the floor, while others are handheld and mobile. It all depends on the type of task at hand. If you are scanning for a piece of jewelry, you might us a small parts scanner. These scanners general rotate the object while the light or laser casts its beam.

3D laser scanning services does a lot more

Since 3D laser scanning services can replicate just about anything, there is a lot that can be done with it for jewelry making. You could take a piece of fruit, a flower, or whatever you want and have it scanned. From there a 3D printer could reproduce it using a specific material that you want. It could be plastic or metal. Another uses could be for making a wedding ring. 3D laser scanning services can measure a person’s finger to give them an exact fit. That is not all. 3D laser scanning services also could be very useful for insurance reasons. Very expensive jewelry should be insured. The day when something gets stolen, one would best have a digital copy of the item so that they can collect on the insurance.

So there is the scoop on 3D laser scanning services when it comes to jewelry. 3D scanning gives jewelers the tool to add a lot of creativity to the jewelry making process. It is really the creativity that separates the good ones from the mediocre. With the right tools and the right amount of creativity, a person can make some beautiful stuff. If you only have the tools but not the creativity, then you can make stuff for the dollar store, I guess. Regardless of whether there is creativity or not, There is only one thing that 3D laser scanning can’t reproduce, that is my favorite from younger years, the candy Ring Pop.

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