3D Laser Scanning Used To Make Animation and Special Effects

Moving up to 3D laser scanning services

If we look at how technology has exploded within the past century it should make our heads spin. The key word is “should”. The truth is, though, that our heads aren’t spinning. In fact we might even feel things are a bit slow. That is because we were born into it a digital world. Some of us grew up only seeing flip phones turn to smartphones. We can’t feel the speed because we are sitting on the train. The truth is that technologies has developed incredibly fast. One of those technologies is special effects. The way that movies create animation and special effects has gone to simply pencil drawings to using 3D laser scanning services technology.

Flip book to 3D laser Scanning Services

Things in the movie industry have gone a long ways. I suppose the first movie with animation and special effect was the flip book. You know, those books with pictures that change slightly with every page. When you flip through them quickly it appears as a motion picture. The next step was projector film. Not much could be done in the early days for special effects except props and mechanical effects. Then came some optical effects like superimposing. Later on came computer graphics effects. Special effects and animation really became a lot easier when computers took over. I remember seeing behind the scenes footage of how they created special effects for Star Wars. They had to build miniature models of everything. The later movies needed a lot less work because of computer technology. Nowadays film producers like George Lucas are using 3D laser scanning services to create animations and special effects.

Make It's a snap by 3D laser scanning

3D laser scanning services technology is a good tool for the film industry. Such technology takes a lot of the work out of taking an object that exists in the real world and digitizing them for use on the screen. For example, the work needed for the creation of an animation character without 3D laser scanning was tedious. Every character and object had to be draw through some kind of draw and paint type program. Every shape had to be done with lines, squares, circles, and fill tools. 3D scanning services has now made animation a snap. Objects don’t need to be drawn by hand and created from scratch on the computer. They can be directly scanned in the the program. The 3D scanner does a quick and incredibly detailed capture of any object that it scans. The shape of the object that was scanned can then be modified within the program. No need to spend hours and hours on creating graphics. The coolest graphics can be scanned right in. It can be done in a snap.

I am sure by the way things are going that we will be seeing even better improvement with special effect and animation in the not so far future. For most of us though, how they do it is not so much of a concern as just being able to watch and enjoy it.

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