3D laser Scanning with Mobility

3D Laser Scanning Device For ants in your pants

When I was a kid, I couldn’t sit still for too long. It was hard for me to even stay still in school. The teacher made us try to sit in those little desks without moving around. That was torture. I used to move and squirm as I waited for recess. As soon as that bell rang, I would be out the door climbing the monkey bars or batting the tetherball. After school I would chuck my books in the bedroom and jump the whole flight of stairs out the door. I wanted nothing more than to go out and run around. Now that I am grown up, I don’t feel much different. Of course now I don’t move and squirm in my chair, but I feel uncomfortable sitting in an office chair all day. If I had a cubicle job, frequent trips to the water dispenser would be every 15 minutes for me just so I could move around. If I were in the 3D laser scanning services business, I would definitely get me a scanner that I could walk around with. A good choice would be a GEOSLAM ZEB-REVO handheld scanner.

A scanner on the move

Let’s talk about this 3D laser scanning services device called the GEOSLAM ZEB-REVO. First of all, it is a scan for the man on the move. Where can you scan with this device? You can scan anywhere you want to, as long as your feet will take you there. It is a scan for the trail. Hold it in your hand and walk around with it, and it will collect data from your surroundings. For example, if you wanted to get a complete scan of your office building. All that you have to do is hold it and walk around. The laser scanning part of the device turns like a windmill catching information from everything within its range. You could do the whole thing in one scan, or if it is too big you could divide it into two scans and then patch them together.  Basically what you have with this device is an easy to use, portable scanner that gets things done a lot faster that most scanners. There’s not much setup needed with this thing, either. Just plug it in and go.

Speedy 3D laser scanning Services

People are using this thing with success, and they are getting lots done in a short amount of time. One person who used it to get scans of three historical sites was a guy from Oxford Archaeology names Jamie Quartermaine. He sought to to the task of scanning a site in Jerusalem called the Schneller building. Then he did the Benedict monastery from the 16th century. Once he was done with that, he ended with a scan of a merchants house located in the ancient town of Jaffa. He completed all of these scans fast. The last one finished clocking in no more than 48 hours for the whole thing. I guess he showed what that scanner could really do.

How a person can get all of that done in 48 hours is amazing to me. It does go to show, though, how well this 3D laser scanning services device works, and it also shows how fast this guy can walk.

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