3D Laser Scanning Your Tire Treads

Do your Check with 3D Laser Scanning services

It is summer vacation, the bags are packed, the car is gassed, and the gummy bears are in the glove compartment. All systems are check for hitting the highway. About an hour in to your flight to summer fun and freedom, (bang!) a tire pops. The party is popped and pooped. That is not proper recipe for a happy camper. Before thinks about heading for the beach, they should make sure that their tires are in good shape with a safe amount of tread. There is a need for some equipment to make checks fast and accurate. There is a solution in 3D laser scanning services.

3D laser scanning stands tall among the rest

  There have been a lot of attempts to make a good tire tread reader, but all of them have punched the pavement with their faces. Some of them are having accuracy issues, and some are having trouble cutting dow the pounds. There is one technology, though, that is bobbing its head and walking with a strut. That is 3D laser scanning services. A 3D laser scan is a non-contact, extremely accurate measuring device. There is a company that makes a handheld device that performs tire tread measurements that is going to help car dealers and maintenance professions give customers accurate and fast readings.

A 3D laser scanning services company for Tires

Sigmavision is a company that has already put out a portable 3D laser scanning services device that measures tire tread. The name of the devices is the TreadReader. The TreadReader is a simple device to use that can connect up using a tablet or other device, and it connects through WiFi. The software used with it is not just a reader, but it also can keep track of customer car information for future use. When it comes to car safety, there can be no messing around. Even the best eye can make a mistake, and so it is to the advantage of both the customer and the technicians to use such a device to get the job done right.

The next time you go flying out the door get the vacation party started, make sure that you get the treads measured on your tires. Also, be sure that the ones who check your tires have the smarts to get a device that uses 3D laser scanning services to get the job done. There is nothing worse that having your Disneyland trip cut short because of flat tire or even an accident. If you are not wise enough to take this advice, at least bring enough gummy bears to get you by while you wait for AAA to come and tow you away.

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