3D Printing and Dental Applications

Today, the dental field is embracing 3D printing like never before, which is helping dentists across the world provide a personalized experience to the patients. The technology is offering a substantial reduction in cost and benefits in simplifying complex dental applications. It is widely used in wax patterns for casting, in creating dental implants, crowns, and bridges. According to Smart Tech publishing, the 3D printing market for dental applications is expected to reach $3.1 billion by the end of 2020. Apart from reducing the cost, the technology is rapidly diminishing the time of dentists and orthodontists because of which they can spend more time on researching different ways to deliver exceptional customer experience. It is also streamlining the production of dental implants and appliances and bringing efficiency in the production.

3D printing and dentistry

1) Efficient replacement of a damaged tooth

Nothing can be worse than witnessing a sharp tooth pain because it brings the life of the track. For a customer it becomes difficult to chew or drink anything with a damaged tooth. And, finding a respite soon is difficult because teeth of every person are unique. Using a small digital instrument a dentist checks the teeth of the patient, and creates a 3D image of the gum and teeth. The file is later saved in the computer and the practitioner prints a 3D image to repair the tooth. It saves time and helps the customer get rid of the pain quickly. The technology is bringing a sea change in the dental industry and is lending a helping hand in every possible way.

2) 3D printing Saves money for the patients

The high cost of investing in dental machines and running a fully-operational dental center is usually reflected in the bills of the patients. If a customer wants to get a crown replaced, he/she might have to spend close to $1500 on a single crown, but if the crown is built using a 3D printing technique, the same cost is reduced by 80 percent. Dentists can easily pass on the saving to the patients who end-up spending less for superior quality service. Experiencing the same service at a low cost improves the lifestyle of the customer because they no longer fear the costly dental procedures.

3) Digitizes the entire workflow

3D printing can digitize the entire workflow by reducing the production time and increasing the efficiency of the staff members. Furthermore, dentists end-up eliminating the inconvenience of physical impression and build customer satisfaction which is necessary in the dental world. No longer dentists have to store physical and bulky models in stock to treat their patients. It helps in saving the storage cost and improves the customer satisfaction.

3D printing has given the dentistry sector a boost like never before because it allows printing of multiple implants in a single click.

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