3D Printing Services Orange County

Here at Arrival 3D, we specialize in rapid manufacturing, one-off parts, prototypes, and short runs. Speed 3D Printing Services Orange Countyand quality are necessary in order to compete in today’s market, and that is exactly what we strive for with every job. Our in-house 3D printing services allow us to provide turnkey prototyping solutions. We can start from the drawing board or your hand-made prototype and use high tech 3D scanning and modeling techniques to create a 3D-printed prototype or a high quality digital 3D model for your manufacturer. Our 3D printers are professional level Objet and Stratasys models that provides high quality and high detail for product development and engineering. Now that we have reached California, we now are  able to offer 3D scan and printing services to the Orange County area; from La Habra, all the way to San Clemente. 3D Printing Services Orange County from Arrival 3D will help your business gain the upper hand on your competitors.

3D Printing Services Orange County : Printing

What types of materials can be printed?

With our 3D printing services, we offer you a wide range of print options and styles that will give you the best result for your product.

1. Rigid photopolymer (polyjet) for high acccuracy, available in 5 colors plus translucent/transparent.
2. ABS available in 9 colors, plus custom colors available.
3. Medical grade plastic for applications requiring temporary contact with skin
4. Polypropylene-like for snap-fit parts or parts that flex
5. Paper-based 3D printing for a full color part with wood-like properties
6. Nylon
7. Rubber-like material

Can 3D-printed parts be drilled, tapped and/or sanded?

Absolutely! ABS parts are the most workable and can be sanded tapped, drilled, milled and so forth. Polyjet parts are workable as well to some degree, but care must be taken when tapping and/or drilling to avoid cracking the part. we are always happy to offer advice and assistance with post-processing operations for your 3D printed parts.

Can 3D-printed parts be painted?
Most 3D-printed parts take well to painting, though it is recommended that a sample be tested to make sure the paint will adhere to the 3D printed part.

From Massachusetts to California, Arrival 3D can exceed your 3D printing needs and expectations and give you high quality products for your business. 3D Printing Services Orange County from Arrival 3D has the solution.

3D Printing Services Orange County.