Get Accurate CAD models Using our Low Cost 3D Scanning Services

We can scan your plant or factory and provide updated as-built models using a long range 3D scanner to capture the geometry of piping, structure, tanks, equipment and anything else you specify, saving you  days of manual measurement and giving you the ability to engineer upcoming changes such as decomissioning and retrofits. A variety of CAD model formats can be exported for use with your CAD systems such as AutoCAD, Plant3D and Solidworks.

Do you have a object that you need scanned, such as an old mold or obsolete part? We can scan your part and give you an accurate drawing of it in a modern 3D CAD format.

SLDPRT model made from scan data
Scanned reverse engineered pump part

Do you have a hand-made invention or sculpture that you need drawings for? We can scan it and create a CAD model that can be used for patent drawings or 3D printing.

Do you have a first-run article that needs to be inspected? We can scan your first-run part and compare it to the CAD model so you can see if the part was made correctly.

Faro Arm for 3D scanning Tulsa Oklahoma City
CMM Arm with scanner probe

 For complex objects, 3D scanning is usually faster, cheaper and more accurate than manual measurements.

Just how accurate is it? Our scanners range in accuracy from .0005″ to .040″ depending on the application and size of the subject.

We are often asked, is there a size limit to what can be scanned?  From nearly microscopic parts to large parts to even a complete plant or factory, we have an appropriate 3D scanner for the situation.

How much do 3D scanning services cost? Scanning costs vary from a few hundred dollars to thousands depending on the size of the part, complexity of the part, type of CAD model required (see here for different CAD model types), and accuracy required. Here are some examples of different projects and approximate pricing.

Some of the deliverable options that you can get from 3D Scanning services are:

  • 3DCAD Models (SLDPRT, STP, IGS, x_t, x_b, SAT
  • 2D CAD drawings (DWG, DXF, PDF)
  • 3D Printed plastic prototypes
  • Inspection reports
  • Raw scan point clouds, open/uncleaned mesh, cleaned mesh, STL, OBJ
  • Ortho-images
  • Panoramic Images
  • 3D-print ready STL files


Here are some of the types of 3D scanning services that we offer:

  • Long Range 3D Scanning
  • Medium Rage scaning
  • Indoor scanning
  • Large part scanning
  • small part scanning
  • Very small part scanning
  • X-ray scanning


Technologies used:


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