3D Scanning Can Put You In The Video Game

I gotta be Me

“Just be yourself, and you will always be in style.” That was the best fortune cookie advice I ever got. Be yourself is always a good way to live. It’s when you start trying to be someone else that people start thinking you are weird. If that is true then what happens if a person is already weird. Maybe they are a video game freak that sits in his room all day. All day long he jerks and twitches at the keyboard trying to be whatever hero it is in the game. Well, the only solution to that problem, is, well, be yourself. Don’t try to be Super Mario, be you. To help you with that look no further that 3D scanning services. 3D scanning technology can put you on the screen and have you saving that princess.

Put yourself in the Game

3D scanning services is letting you put some personalization to your game playing. The old scene of searching in game setup for a character that looks as close as possible to yourself has got to change. There is no reason why we shouldn’t be able to put ourselves in the game. Using 3D scanning technology it is not difficult to get a digital copy of one’s self into the game. Getting the characters to me controlled and have realistic movements is the tricky part. Never fear, though, because a guy by the name of Ari Shapiro led a team from the University of Southern California to deal with it.They had set themselves to the task of making that happen, and the result is just hoped. They made a program to turn anyone into a 3D game avatar.

1-2-3 it's me!

The process to turn anyone into a game avatar is not too complex. The method that Shapiro developed is only a 3-step process. The 3-step process begins with a scan. The individual’s bodily features are first scanned in to the computer using a scanning software. Second, the scanned 3D image is converted into a character using a rigging software. At this stage the person can be edited a bit. If you want make yourself bigger, smaller, fatter, or thinner that can be done. The third step is where Shapiro’s program can make your character alive using SmartBody. This program gives your character the ability to jump, run, grin, and do whatever other action needed for the game.

There is no more need to use those pre-set choices for video avatars with this kind of stuff going on now. Those choices probably only look like one in fifty people who play the game. That is going to change. 3D scanning services are really letting you be yourself, even if you are stuck in a make-believe world, trying to earn make-believe money, and trying to conquer a make-believe kingdom. At least the guy wielding the sword looks like you. And if you aren’t into video games then just go with the advice to just be yourself in whatever you do.

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