3D Scanning Conveyor Belt

Something Moving with 3D scanning services

Let’s talk conveyor belts. We have seen them everywhere. Sit on a plane and look out the window as they load the luggage. Do you really think they want to heave those heavy bags up into the luggage area. They use an incline conveyor. There is that cool curvy conveyor that carries your bag around when you go to get your bags after the flight,  How about in the school cafeteria dish room? Students set their tray on a conveyor that takes the dirty dishes into the dish room when they are done with their meals, . That is a flat belt conveyor. Lots of factories have them. Just like that scene off of “I love Lucy” (even if you haven’t seen the show, you’ve probably seen the clip). What about a conveyor for old artifacts? Have you seen one of those? Me neither. Apparently, though, they have one that is moving old artifacts. Does that sounds weird? It gets weirder. This is conveyor belt with a supper fast scanner and a robotic arm at the end. Huh? Sounds like something to do with 3D scanning services.

3D Scanning services Preserves Artifacts

3D scanning services is doing some old work. There is a 3D scanner called a CultLab3D designed by Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research that is doing some serious scanning. The plan is to take some old historical artifacts and scan them into digital form as a means of preserving them. There is no telling when something could happen to a treasure. Someone might steel it, or it could just get broken because of mishandling. Whatever the case, this team is on a mission to get stuff digitized. They are using 3D scanning services using a real cool scanner and a conveyor belt to get the job done.

Easy way to get things done

Let’s talk about this scanner and conveyor belt. Basically, it is is a high speed scanning device on a conveyor with another scanner on the end to do the cleanup work. I don’t simply mean that the conveyor belt moves at high speed when I say high speed scanner,. That would make it more like an artifact launcher (Hopefully the robotic arm would have a baseball glove). The scanner looks kind of a like a Stargate due to its circular shape with lights all around it. The artifact passes through the arch and gets scanned pretty fast. You know what that means when anything happens fast. It means that some spots probably got missed. That is why at the end of the 3D scanning conveyor belt is a scanning arm to get all of those missed spots. The idea is great. If you go into a museum that has tons of items and want them all scanned, who wants to pay someone the money to do them one by one with a 3D scanning arm. Why not just line them up and start setting them on the conveyor belt. Sounds like a good 3D scanning services solution.

Once again 3D scanning services scores a win with a better way to get things done. All of those artifacts can be stored and enjoyed for generations to come.

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