3D Scanning Facial Recognition systems

3D scanning says "Say Cheese!"

Raise your hand if you thing that facial recognition is a new thing. Sorry mister, but you need to reprogram your brain. Facial recognition has been going on since the first two people walked this earth. Don’t know why you think they didn’t recognize each other’s faces. The only difference now is that we are starting to implement some fancy pants ways to do it. What I’m talking about is the stuff that 3D scanning services is doing with 3D facial recognition. So unless you are planning on being a survivalist and hiking deep into the Alaskan wilderness, you’d best get ready to to say “Cheese!” 3D facial recognition by 3D scanning services is on the way. It ain’t gonna give you any 3-2-1 count to fix your hair and fake a smile either. It knows you and is looking for you. So the question is, what are you to make of this in-your-face technology?

All 3D Scanning eyes on you

You can run, but you can’t hide. It’s already got it’s eye on you. If you don’t think so, ask your friend who bought the iPhone X. His phone knows his nose. Your nose just ain’t pretty enough to open his phone? Or maybe 3D facial recognition is here and in your face. There are just too many ways that it can poke its eye into our business to keep us in check. Transit systems can use it to make sure people are paying their fare. On our end it is easy. Just flash the pearly whites. No need to pop out the card. Law enforcement is going to love it if they aren’t already. Need to find a guy in a crowd. 3D scanning services is the eye in the sky ready to fry. How about the medical industry. Word has it that facial recognition technology is already being used to identify certain diseases. That’s something to smile about if ya ain’t already!

not all smiles for 3D scanning

Not everyone is smiling for the camera though. There are some frowners out there who think this is nothing but an intrusive peephole into our privacy. Some people out there don’t want to be tracked. That’s not hard to see. It get s worse. Believe it or not, some people actually want to use facial recognition to make a buck. Go figure! With facial recognition you now can get personalized advertisements as you walk down the street. Oh joy. That sounds fun. I actually just might need that ticket to the Alaskan wilderness after all. Even worse might be a hacker figuring out how to use your handsome mug to wipe your bank account clean. Do we really want this 3D facial recognition stuff? That’s what some people are thinking.

The sad or happy (could be both) truth is that your face has been scanned and the 3D scanning facial recognition technology knows your skull, eyes, and nose shape and it is ready to recognize you. It is going to look you in eye and then send you info to whoever requests it. So my suggestion is to either have a new face printed using 3D printing services or to just smile and say “how ya doin” to 3D scanning services.

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