3D Scanning Makes Your Glasses Fit

Fix it with 3d scanning

Don’t you hate it when something doesn’t fit right. What a pain in the rear! You buy a toilet seat only to find that it comes a little short. Of course, you can return it and get a better fit, but you could just get by with it. Actually, it is better when things just don’t fit at all. That way there is no way that you can bear with it. If you buy a door that does not close at all, then you have no choice but to return it. If you buy a bed cover that is too small, how are you going to just live with that one? You have to get it fixed. The problem comes when you get something that barely fits. When something works but is not the best fit, then you end up keeping it. The result is a long term discomfort just because you thought it not worth the time to change it. One specific example of a bad fit that goes unfixed is an awkward fit pair of glasses. Now with 3D scanning services that problem can be fixed.

People need a custom fit

3D scanning services is making glasses fit better, maybe you are someone who has dealt with this problem. You buy a pair of glasses that you like. After a while you begin to realize that your glasses are rubbing a spot behind your ears. The comfort is not enough to make you unable to wear your glasses, so you just deal with it. How much better would it be if you could just get a pair of glasses that fit your head exactly. 3D scanning services has a technology that can accomplish this for you. We all come with different size heads. There is no one size fits all for glasses. Glasses manufacturers have no choice but to make a limited variety of sized that they think will fit most people. The truth is that there are more than just a few sized out there. Today, with 3D scanning services there is no reason why we can’t get a custom fit pair of specs.

3D Scanning services fits it to your face

Getting a custom fit pair of specs was not much of an option in the past. Whatever they had displayed in the case was all you had to choose from for the most part. Now with 3D scanning services people can get custom fitted frame. One company that is doing this is  Metro Optics Eyewear in New York. They have caught on the perfect-fit problem and have put 3D scanning services to the task. 3D scanning is a perfect technology for the job too because it can find out the exact dimensions of your head. It can determine the exact distance between your ears and your eyes. The final result is a perfect fitted pair of specs. 

That should be enough to tell you that 3D scanning services is fixing some pretty common problems. If you are going have to wear glasses and have people call you four-eyes, then you might as well wear them with a bit of comfort. 

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