3D Scanning Says "Pass the Play-Doh"

The old toy comes back with 3D scanning services

I can still remember some of the toys that cluttered the floor when I was a kid. Things were pretty simple in those day. We started as basic as play-doh. We would make shapes and then eventually smash them on the table. It’s amazing how little I needed to be amused at that time. Later came the cardboard bricks. We used to build skyscrapers in the living room and then come running in the room like King Kong and knock them all down. Things got better when we got the racetrack and the robot. Then, that all got forgotten when we played our first Atari game. We played that as much as mom would allow until Nintendo took king of the hill. On and on it goes until one day we all went back to Play-doh. That’s right. Kids are going back to play-doh thanks to 3D scanning services.

Cool fun with 3D scanning

You might want to go to the attic and dig up the old toy box. If that play-doh is still good, your kid could be doing some 3D scanning of his own. It you haven’t heard, Play-doh has made room for the kids to do some 3D scanning services. The app is called Touch-Shape Life-Studio. To do some kiddie 3D scanning, all you need is a device with a camera that can load the software and some good old fashion Play-doh. Start by making a creation. After that use the app to digitally suck it into the program. That’s pretty much it. Now you can watch your Play-doh dance around on your screen. It’s a lot of fun. Especially if something goes funky with the scan and your character looks goofy. Kids will have a blast with it.

Keeping Fun Constructive with 3D scanning services

Play-doh seems to be quite a useful toy. Kids even at the age of two can start playing with it to build. Once they get old, they can use it to learn about 3D scanning services. It is a good idea to give kids things to do on their electronic devices. After all, they are going to use them anyway. You might as well give them some constructive things to do. It’s not just the kids that are having fun with the stuff either. I hear that some engineers are using it as a measuring tool. Some things are a bit tricky to measure. For example, if you have a divot in a cylinder that needs to be remade, then you could use Play-doh. The stuff is perfect to making impressions. Roll the cylinder over the putty and you will have a 2D representation of the cylinder. I bet you didn’t realize how long you could use Play-doh. I still haven’t figured out how elderly people could use it, but I am sure there is a way.

There you have it. Young kids can use Play-doh for 3D scanning services I’d say let the kid. I guess that older kids can too. Whoever said you should never mix work with pleasure. Apparently it was  someone who never had Play-doh as a kid.

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