3D Scanning Shipping Containers

Korea Making Cool use of 3D scanning Services

When most of us think of South Korea, we probably think of companies like Samsung or LG. If you aren’t in love with the iPhone, which most people are, then you probably have a Samsung device of some sort. They make some quality stuff. If you have ever been to Korea then you probably also fell in love with their food. The Koreas know how to do barbecue. I know it sounds weird, but they cook it over hot coals with garlic and then wrap it in lettuce. It sound like some neo-weightloss program, but it’s the way they have always done it. It looks like Korea is now going for a new slam dunk. According to South Korea Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, they are doing some cool stuff with 3D scanning services. Right now a bunch of researchers in the country are working on a 3D scanning devices for shipping containers.

3D scanning services better than 2D

The name of the company is KRISCO which stands for South Korea’s Research Institute of Ships and Ocean Engineering. This group has a technology that can 3D scan contents of large contains like those used for international shipping. You can just imagine the task of inspecting those containers for any contraband items. Actually, they do have a way to scan, but those scans are two-dimensional and have to be taken more than once. A 2D has to be done at different angles and different levels. The researchers created a 3D scanning services device that can scan a container and know right away what is inside.

Saves A lot of time

The benefits of having such a 3D scanning services device is great. You can just imagine how many containers must go through the scanning process every day. The time that it takes to scan all of those using the traditional 2D technology is tremendous. The 3D scanner can reduce that time down to about a tenth of the normal time. That is considerable. The time saved on scanning simply means that more money is saved. We are talking about a half a million dollars annually. Before we let the excitement get too out of hand, though, they have quite a lot of debt to pay off for the research cost. It took a little less than a decade and cost over 22 million dollars.

It makes sense to use 3D scanning services

  Despite the research cost, this has proved to be a much needed technology for the country of South Korea. They do a whole lot of shipping business overseas, and their outgoing shipments to the U.S. are expected to grow. Container inspection is an important part of the process. In recent years countries like the U.S. have gotten stricter on inspection requirements. They require countries to inspect their cargo before they even leave the country. This of course adds time and money to the shipping process. It only makes sense that they find quicker cheaper ways to get the job done.

There you have it. 3D scanning services is just one more thing that you can add to the list of cool things from South Korea. If they can find a way to apply 3D scanning services to shipping carts, I’m sure they can find other ways as well. Maybe they can combine it with a little taekwando. That in my opinion would be quite interesting.

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