3D Scanning the Incredible Hulk

All along it was 3D scanning services

There was a show I used to watch when I was a little guy.  The lead character in the show was just an average “joe”, but something would happen when he got angry. His face would contort like he was in terrible pain. His muscles started to bulk out so much at it would burst his clothes. He would yell out in pain and his skin would turn green. Something happened to his body. He turned into the Incredible Hulk. I am sure that I really did need to introduce him. Everyone is familiar with The Incredible hulk. There is something, though, that you might not know about him. We were always told that he turns green and muscly because of exposure to gamma radiation. We don’t really believe that, yet we probably don’t know how they do that on screen. The real trick behind the green guy is  3D scanning services.

Hulk has the body, 3D scanning has the brains

It isn’t easy being green, unless you are the hulk. If you catch that guy at the right time of day, he will be no one to mess with. Once that heart rate gets pumping, then look out! No wonder the “powers that be” wanted to make him into a Jason Borne type soldier. Of course, this is all make believe. That is why the real reason his turning green is not a heart-rate thing. It is a computer special effects thing. Therefore all of the credit goes to the guys that know how to weld those 3D scanning services devices called scanners.

All 3D scanning services needs is the face

So let’s talk movies. We know that normal guys don’t do that in real life. It is some high tech fakery that must get the transition from skinny guy to green muscle guy. They can’t just use a big guy and a small guy and just pull the camera away while they change spots. The two have to appear as the same guy only bigger and greener. To accomplish this green feat, the producers have to call on the 3D scanning squad to get some data on the main actor. They have to get the shape of his face so that it can be transposed onto the hulk. The old movie, of course, did not have this technology. Whenever Bruce Banner starting going into Hulk mode, the camera would have to break away from the scene for a moment so that the other actor could jump in. We never saw the complete transformation. Now with 3D scanning services, a person’s facial features can be captured and used to create the face on both hulk and the normal guy.

I hope that didn’t take anything away from all of you Hulk fans that don’t like to think of all the behind the scenes stuff. Let’s face it, though, people like to be faked out. That is the reason the academy awards should include all those guys in the back room who do the 3D scanning services. Without them, we would still be watching the cheesy special effects from all of those pre-3D scanning services days like in the 70’s and 80s.

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