3D Scanning Used For Car Hood Quality Control

A 3d Scanning services is the right tool

Every car has a car hood. Nobody thinks about the carhop until they try to open it, or until it flies off when you are driving down the highway. Hopefully not too many people have had the latter experience. The people who really think about car hoods are the people who design them. Most of us probably don’t realize the work that goes in to designing a car hood. A car is like the rib cage of the engine it protects all of those important components that make your car run. It is important to get it designed right. That is why design engineers need best tools for the design process. They need to apply 3D scanning services.

A lot of Advantages to using 3D Scanning

3D scanning services is especially useful when working on large components like a car hood. The larger the part, the more area there is to check during the inspection process. This can save a lot of time compared with what it takes using most common inspection methods. 3D scanning is much more accurate, too. It does not just check a few spots here and there. A 3D scan takes millions of measurements, which when put together forms the point cloud. A point cloud is a digital representation of the car hood. Once a computer model is made of the car hood, the inspection process can be done by computer. This method reduces a lot of potential for human error.

3D scanning services does it right

Doing the inspection process right is important for car manufacturers. They can’t just assume that the production line is putting out car hoods that match exactly with the dimensions of the CAD files. There will always be some deviation to some degree. Since most common inspection methods only get a limited number of point measurements, there is greater potential that that problems will be overlooked. 3D scanning services does a comprehensive inspection. That can save a lot of money since it avoids time aspect in the inspection process, and the time it takes to correct mistakes.

No need to touch anything

Another advantage of 3D scanning services for car hood inspections is the fact that it is a none contact measuring tool. This can avoid the problem of contact measurement devices scratching the surface of the object. 3D scanning uses light reflected off of the surface as the means of measurement. A 3D scanner like a HandyScan 3D can get all of the difficult spots, too. It can capture curves and inside holes. Once the entire hood is scanned, then it can even be modified digitally if needed.

We should not be surprised if auto manufacturers are going crazy over 3D laser scanning services. The benefits seem far greater than the investment in the equipment. Getting things right the first time can save a lot of problems down the road. No car manufacture wants to have a part recalled. That can cause a lot of headache. Even if a part is recalled, they can use 3D scanning services to get things set right.

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