3D Scanning Wind Turbines

By 3D Scanning Wind Turbines , we capture accurate position information that can be used to identify true shape, geometry, deformation, and locations of interior structures. Just like with storage tanks, wind turbines require precise measurements for inspection and maintenance. 3D Scanning Wind TurbinesOlder measurement techniques required full measurement stations, usually multiple measurements, and a lot of time. 3D scanning alleviates these old requirements by capturing thousands of points in the same
time. It is critical to a seamless installation that every component of a wind turbine is built to exact specifications. Given the large scale of some of the parts, obtaining accurate 3D data can be a difficult, time consuming task.

3D inspection of towers, turbine hubs and rotor blades before they are shipped to the installation site and help to eliminate costly rework during installation.

Advantages of 3D Scanning Wind Turbines

3D laser scanners can capture very accurate, factual information in a short period of time. Captured data is then analyzed either in the office or on a mobile computer to provide:

  • Simple coordinates of objects
  • Length measurements and diameters
  • Angular or tilt information
  • Shape information, such as roundness of objects
  • Area/volume measurements
  • Deformation, or change, in objects over time

Many of these measurements from 3D scanners can be used to provide additional information for wind turbine applications, such as:

  • Inspection
  • Design/modification projects
  • Deformation monitoring

3D Scanning Wind Turbines will drastically enhance the processes and upkeep of your wind turbine business.