3D Fashion Is Shaping Our World with High Tech Jeans

Using technology to create the perfect fit

Unspun has become one of the biggest 3D printing brands that uses 3D laser scanning to create a customizable fit. This company is a Hong-Kong and San Francisco based company that utilizes technology to create high-end apparel. Johnathan Chueng, the former head of global design at Levi’s, a massive denim cooperation, will join the Unspun team. He is helping this business create the connections it needs to launch new products in 2021.

With 3D laser scanning, it’s easier than ever before to create custom-made clothing that would typically be a pain to get. A consumer would have to stand and get tailored, be put in uncomfortable positions, and then keep coming back for adjustments. With 3D laser scanning, a person interested in the jeans has to come and get a quick full-body scan that takes less than a few minutes. Though it may seem suspicious, it is a highly accurate technology that can cut the discomfort in half. This technology is changing our fashion world.

Unspun has created a way for consumers to order custom made jeans in the comfort of their own home. They have created an iPhone app that acts as a 3D laser scanning device. It does not have the giant infrared lasers that collect over 100,000 cloud points, but it still does the job. Then the user can take the measurements and order a pair of custom-made jeans that fit scrumptiously. This process creates a simplified version that still leaves happy customers.

How does the process work

The process in-store versus the one on the phone is just slightly different. When COVID-19 spread across the world, Unspun made it their mission to help flatten the curve. They shut down their base in San Francisco and their pop-up shops in Hong Kong. However, that’s when they started pushing the phone app, so people could still look fashionable in quarantine.

The phone app uses 30,000 infrared dots to capture a person’s precise details. It captures the image and everything in between. Though this application isn’t as grand as the one in their home base office, the team can take the images, edit, and create a high-quality image that will make the custom-made jeans.

It is awe-inspiring what they have been able to do with this technology. 3D laser scanning is some of the most incredible technology globally, and it is no longer for the science realm; it is entering fashion at full force.

In the Unspun office, they have one giant full-body scanner that can shine over 100,000 infrared lights. It captures these data points with the utmost precision. This information is sent to their designers and editors, who can then make the jeans.

Final thoughts

3D laser scanning has entered the fashion world, and it is there to stay. It makes creating custom clothing easier than ever before, and way more fashionable than anyone could have imagined. It cuts the design time in half, and in the long run, it saves on materials when a designer can use an editing system to drape. There is so much good to come from this technology; this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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