3D Lasers Upgrade Our Healthcare System

Benefits bless both doctors and patients

As the world grows and as we become more advanced than previous generations, we are looking for ways to maintain our health. Consumers are looking for the best noninvasive ways to get their yearly checkups, without compromising their privacy, but still get all of the benefits from a checkup.

It is now easier than ever to get every inch of your body checked for anything serious without getting a full-body pat-down or stuck in a giant machine for a few hours. 3D laser scanning has entered our world and created much easier ways to live.

This technology is not only used for artists or researchers but has now entered many medical fields as well. Dentists use small 3D lasers to take molds of teeth. A podiatrist (foot doctor) uses 3D laser scanners to create the perfect shoe inserts that can directly impact other areas of the body. Now it has entered another side of the health care system. It is being used for surgical planning.

Axial3D entering the competitive market

3D laser scanners have evolved so much thanks to a thriving competitive market, each company trying to out due the other. Axial3D is an Irish startup that was founded in 2015 and has created one of many 3D laser scanners that take the images and then print a 3D model.

Reaping the benefits of 3D laser scanning

There are many benefits that doctors and patients can reap from doing this. Not only is it noninvasive for the patient, but it’s also quicker than making molds and old fashion x-rays. Some other benefits include:

Improved communication with the doctors. By holding their anatomy in their hands, patients are entirely able to understand the problems they face and can make an appropriate decision about their health easier.

There is better insight into pathology in a patient’s body. With a 3D model showing exact veins and structure of someone’s body, doctors can see exactly where a problem is.

Doctors can test and see results of a surgery on a 3D model. Instead of playing trial and error with a patient’s life, doctors can check the 3D model to see how the operation would do. If it is not the best course of action, they can take the data from 3D laser scanners and make another model. They are now able to simulate these models repeatedly to make sure a patient’s life is not at risk.

With all of the trials already done, patients not only save time getting scanned but with so much practice for the doctors, it not saves surgery time. Most patients can save anywhere from 30-60 minutes during the surgical procedure.

Anyone anywhere can create 3D models conveniently

Axial3D has created a model and software that can be paired with any 3D laser printer. This makes the models easily accessible. Doctors no longer have to wait weeks if not months for an accurate model; anyone with a 3D printer can access this information with Axial3D software.

As the adoption of 3D laser scanners picks up, consumers will see more and more uses come to light. Companies will remain in healthy competition, creating a very healthy market, and consumers will gain benefits from all of these advances.

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