3D Scanning defeats technology doping

some bikers will do anything to win

Here is something for some of you bikers out there. We all know that the sport of cycling has gotten a bad name from past years of cheating. We won’t mention any names, since everyone probably already knows who I’m thinking about. Before you get to thinking that the cheating is done, think again. There are some cyclists who are still out there trying to cut corners so-to-speak. This time it’s not about using substances in the body to give extra strength, but instead pulling some shenanigans on the bike itself. Some guys out there are putting small batteries and motors in the bike frame to give them a little extra push. How lame is that!? What a bunch of losers who can’t win playing by the rules. Anyway, 3D scanning services is not going to let them get away with that pathetic trickery. 

sophisticated, cleverly hid electric motors

Some people are calling it technology dope. I guess that name kind of explains it all. This is not something that hasn’t happened yet either. People have been caught at major competitions trying to do this kind of junk. At the World Championship a female biker had her bike rigged for the win. Luckily they detected it to keep her from competing again. It was pretty well designed. The battery and motor were connected to a bluetooth device to that she could control when it turned on. She claims that she is innocent of any knowledge of the device. As you can guess, no one believed her story and she had all those medals taken away and had to hang her head in shame. Because of such incidents now the Union Cycliste Internationale has stepped up their game to find out who’s being naughty and who is being nice. The game plan for that is 3D scanning services.

A romer arm cheat-detector

The device being used by the UCI is called the ROMER Absolute Arm. This 3D scanning services device can take a scan of the bike for comparison with a reference CAD model to inspect the measurements of the bike frame. Along with that test, the organization is doing x-ray exams to look inside the frame. That means that they have to inspect a whole lot of bike frames, even thousands. It may be a bit of trouble, but it is a necessary part of the competition process in this day and age of high-tech cheating

With all of this going on, I think it is going to be a bit harder to pull off what was being pulled off in the past regarding cheating. That doesn’t mean that the inspection teams should let down their guard though. People are always going to come up with new tricks to try to beat the system.That is why we need to always be applying new technologies like 3D scanning services to these kinds of problems. After all, who wants to see a cheater win. We want to see raw skill and ingenuity. That is what makes competition so fun to watch.

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