3D Laser Scanning Used to Update Mountain Bikes

Allowing a more detailed view for online consumers

3D laser scanning was not always as good as it is not. Many people were hesitant to adopt this technology when it was first developed because it had a lot of kinks to work out in the 1960s. After many companies have adopted this technology and developed the latest versions of this technology, it has grown and been used in various fields.

3D laser scanning is now being used to help develop faster and stronger bikes that are more durable. Pinkbike has been known as one of the best places to buy and sell mountain bikes, due to the huge community known for biking. The company has adopted the use of 3D laser scanning to take accurate measurements of bikes.

These measurements are taken from 3D laser scanning to create a better bike. The scanning device can pick up individual bolts, and the researchers will know what they can change through the scan to make a better bike for individuals to ride.

The scans used in this project were attached to digital bikes online for consumers to see. They are able to see all the details very clearly, so they can make a good decision on the bike that wants to purchase. It has been one of the best investments for their website.

How 3D laser scanning works with bikes

A researcher uses a handheld device that shines lasers over a bike and gathers detailed information on an object. It uses digital points to pick up the data. From there, it is saved in the cloud and then transferred to a partnering system. The researchers can analyze the information quicker than other ways of gathering data.

The best thing about 3D laser scanning is that the information that is obtained can be saved forever, and then sent across the world in a matter of seconds. It can be edited and tried out virtually, or 3D print parts for a physical bike. It is one of the best ways to view how a change would affect the bike without taking the bike apart.

This technology has been adopted in many fields. Doctors are using it for full-body scans to help identify any problems under the skin. Forensic investigators are using it to take accurate scans of crime scenes. Police are using 3D laser scanning devices to take real-time photos at major roads where traffic accidents tend to happen. Archeologists have adopted 3D laser scanning to share fossils around the world. Museums have used this to open up their space virtually to consumers around the world, allowing them to view and interact with the artifacts online. Now, there are even phone apps students can download to use as a 3D laser scanning study aid.

Final thoughts

Many fields have adopted this amazing technology and done amazing things with it. As more versions come out, more consumers and businesses will start using 3D laser scanning. This has changed the way we buy bikes online and will continue to help the online community.

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