4 Ultimate Benefits of 3D Scanning Services

3D scanning services are a game changer and is helping manufacturers unleash their creativity to build models, which resonates with the target audience. The technology is coming handy in several ways from providing help in construction and design of buildings to surveying lands – 3D scanners are revolutionizing every field. It provides real life images of buildings, existing landscape, location and objects to create accurate designs. The scanners capture crucial digital information about the shape of the object using light to measure the distance between the scanner and the object. The technology can capture millions of points per second, thereby allowing manufacturers to inspect parts and create models. It can be applied at any point in the manufacturing process, saving time, material and money.

The benefits of using 3D scanning services in manufacturing

1) 3D scanning services and the design phase

3D scanning services when applied in the design phase results tremendous results. In the design phase,  physical objects are scanned and a CAD model is created. It saves a lot of time because in traditional methods, designers have to make iterations to their designs so that it fits their existing object. And, there could be no stoppage to the number of iterations. However, the 3D scanned parts accurately fit the design, resulting in less time consuming at the same time ensuring quality parts.  Manufacturers are using the idea in the concept phase by digitizing the object and using it later in the manufacturing process. The technology is helping reduce the time and cost for the capital intensive manufacturing sector.


2) In the prototype and engineering phase

When it comes to the prototype phase, 3D scanning reduces the number of prototype design cycle necessary. A part scanned and designed using a 3D technology rarely requires a second iteration because it is designed using the precise measurement of the physical world. Furthermore, using the scan data, any object can be translated into the engineering phase without facing any bottlenecks. Manufacturers along the globe are leveraging the power of 3D scanning with prototyping to scale the physical objects in the real world.

3) In quality control and distribution

3D scanning services are widely used to analyze the conditions of the parts after a manufacturer has built it. The additive manufacturing technology is used to examine the size and shape of different manufacturing parts. It is helping identify the issues early on before they become potential manufacturing errors. Furthermore, the technology is likely to maintain and predict quality in manufacturing. And, when it comes to the distribution department, the technology is used to enhance the packaging density and build casings and different support structures.

4) Other benefits

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, 3D scanning services are saving time in the design work, ensuring that the parts fit precisely, and it captures the engineering optimization, which is useful in the later stages of the manufacturing process.

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