4 Ways 3D Printing is Changing the Landscape of Education

Like computer’s in the late 1980’s, 3D printing is an intriguing technology, which is yet to find its proper place. But, in the education sector, the technology is creating ripples because both the kids and teachers are welcoming the change with open hands. For kids geometry has suddenly come to life, science is not a hard slog and math is no longer a tough nut to crack. Educators are harnessing the power of this technology and channelizing the creativity of the kids in the right direction. The technology offers a bouquet of benefits and is taking the education of the kids to a new dimension.

1. 3D Printing Boosts hands-on experience

The math here is simple; the more kids are engaged, the more information they will absorb. Nothing triggers like hands-on experience. From designing and printing a model of an ancient architecture to printing a model of the world’s highest mountain range, 3D printing empowers the future generation to transform themselves from passive consumers to active creators. The current education system thrives on bookish knowledge and overlooks deployment of the knowledge in real-time. But, no more! This budding technology is providing hands-on experience and unleashing the creativity of the kids.

2. 3D Printing Encourages problem-solving and critical thinking skills

Using 3D printers in education promotes the critical thinking and enhances the prowess to overcome the challenges. When kids move between abstract ideas, 2D, and 3D representation, they tend to think deeper and work hard to transit their thinking from one representation to the other. Also, it’s a great tool for creating prototypes of a product to test the success of the design. When a kid tests the 3D printed prototype, they not only test the functionality of their design, but also realizes how well they have interpreted the design brief.

3. 3D Printing Engages slow learners

Every kid is born with some unique gift. Some are excellent in studies, but poor in sports and vice-versa. Even though this technology is relatively new; it has a wow-factor that engages the slow learners as well. When subject matters are brought to life, it piques the interest of the kids who otherwise find it boring to read books. The technology is changing every horizon in education, helping kids to move a step closer to their dreams.

4. 3D Printing Allows children to be Engineers and also promotes collaboration

Instead of using someone’s else creation, kids become the creators of new and distinctive inventions. An Australian boy earned himself a trip of NASA by creating 3D printed diabetes test-strips. The device could save up to 50 test strips, thereby saving him time to dispose of every strip after use. The technology is advocating invention and letting the students use their creativity to create awe-inspiring products. Also, it encourages collaboration between kids, which is essential to groom the personality of a kid. Recently, college and highschool students collaborated to create a solar car using the 3D printing. It has become an invaluable tool because it empowers the kids to apply their classroom education in real-life. For and and all of your 3D scanning and 3D printing needs, call Arrival 3D at 866-687-7784.

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